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Today's Giftie: Design #6 / Toolkit #7


Since this giveaway began - just 4 days ago - more than 900 products have been downloaded for a total of more than $21,000 in products!! And we still have more to come!!!

Before I share today's giftie though, I want to remind everyone that we will be doing a WordPress walkthrough tomorrow on the Kitchen Sink Mastermind, starting with the actual set-up in Cpanel (including your email accounts, forwarders etc), setting up your custom DNS at your registrar and answering some issues and questions that members have recently submitted. So bring your questions and/or your expertise and join in! I love input from the 'peanut gallery' - I have been using WordPress for a long time but there are a LOT of people better than me with WP - if you are one of them, you are welcome to chime in!

Zoom is 3:00 PM EST, and your login details are in the member area!

And now it is time for the new Giftie!!!

Gift #5....
Toolkit #7 - Design 6
30 Days To Your Level 10 Life

Blend this with your Personal Development PLR
to make a unique workbook or course!

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This one hits home!
Online Business Automation:
Working Smarter Not Harder

Yes, there are a LOT of PLR providers in the market today - but there are few that match the quality of the ladies at Piggy Makes Bank - this makes my review cut every, single month! Their bundles are huge and yes, I have the monthly membership!

Online Business Automation: Working Smarter Not Harder includes 30 Articles, 30 Emails, an eBook Compilation, 30 Social Media Posts, and their amazing “How to Run an Email Challenge” Guide, eBook/Workbook.

BONUS: Buy through my link and receive the ebook in hyperlinked format (please allow 10 days for delivery as this just came out!). It will be downloadable from your Piggy Makes Bank member area when ready - no need to send your receipt!

===>>> Get it Here: Online Business Automation: Working Smarter Not Harder
Use coupon code AUTO to save $40 at checkout.

WP Video Magic

I LOVE THIS ONE!! Using Zoom is the norm these days - but I can tell you from personal experience that dealing with those 3 hr videos afterward is NOT easy! I have been waiting for this plugin from Matt Garrett since he first announced it a month ago and picked it up this am!

Hosting & Streaming videos from Wistia or Vimeo is expensive...and using YouTube often means that you are handing your customers over to the competition! The most cost-effective solution is Amazon Cloud Front - but until now that has been a confusing, impossible task for most of us....and that is why I am so excited for this new WordPress plugin!!

This easy to use WordPress plugin just may be the perfect alternative:

  • 1-Click Cloudfront Integration
  • Use Free DropBox Hosting *NEW FEATURE*
  • Add Amazon S3 Video To Any blog
  • Inbuilt HTML5 Video Player
  • Zero Ads, Watermarks Or Links (inc. YT)
  • Save Thousands On Hosting
  • Delayed Buttons & Autoplay
  • More Leads, Sales & Profit
  • Zero Tech Skills Needed
  • You Don’t Even Need Your Own Videos
  • Floating 'Pop Up' Videos *NEW*

As of right now - this is only $17 so you can't go wrong!!

Check it out here:
WP Video Magic

That is it for tonight!!
See ya tomorrow at the Kitchen Sink!
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