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Hi, everyone!

I did it!! I actually got my 2nd shot today, after the clinic mis-scheduled everyone for their second shot last week, but it actually happened today!! I do seem to be one of the lucky ones that is going to experience 'COVID arm" as I already have a lump and injection site bruising, which I also get with my tetanus booster. But hey! It's done and over and we can move on.

I am really looking forward to getting to go to the grocery store again cuz Bob and I LOVE our 'recreational' food shopping forays. Yes, we actually like grocery shopping because we both love to cook and we even cook together. Yeah, we work, live, and cook together and have not killed each other yet. Go figure....

So, as is the norm, I took my iPad with me and kept up on emails as best as I could while making the trek to Dayton, but then discovered when I got home that our websites - all of them - and email, were down. Turned out that there was a regional data center outage, affecting our server. Not sure how long we were affected, but if you had any customer complaints - this was the issue and seems to be okay now, but I will continue to monitor for the rest of the evening.

Just so glad that it was not last week....yikes....

If you missed the Homepreneur's Adventure Swag Bag of free goodies or the Premium Bundle you can still get them both through WEDNESDAY!!!

Or if you just jump over and check out the Premium Bundle - more than $2200 worth of products, courses and LIVE workshops!

But hurry because this ends Wednesday!!

Calendar Updates:

I promise to get the calendar done tomorrow! We will definitely have the Kitchen Sink Mastermind Zoom this Thursday to discuss and wrap up the Summit, and then we will start back with our other Zooms next week (6 Figure & Tiny Courses)


From Maria Silva - The Couples Journal

Maria has just launched a beautiful Couples Journal, complete with a beautiful bundle of Covers, and Interior pages, PLUS 100 journaling prompts. This is a gorgeous bundle and there are two OTOs that really complement this bundle, all very well priced.

Bonus - I will create a 30 page (once a day) prompt digital planner to go along with this! This will be done next Monday, and I will upload to your account at WarriorPlus so no need to send your receipt this time!

===>>>Get it here: The Couples Journal


Charles Harper's Canva Training with PLR

Whether you are looking for affordable Canva training for yourself or want another course to offer as your own, this is a very nifty product from Charles Harper: this toolkit includes the Powerpoint slides and transcript for you to create your own video training for Canva.
You get 40 Step By Step Over the Shoulder Video Tutorial Slide Deck Presentations 40 Human Hand Edited Transcriptions all with PLR!

===>>>Get it here:
Canva Training with


Content Sparks Moving Sale

I am late to the party on this one but if you want to get your course to market quickly - you cannot go wrong with using Sharyn's courses as the framework!

The Theme of this sale is "Sharing Your Knowledge" and every course available is related to creating, launching and/or marketing your course and letting the world know about your expertise!

Sharyn's courses are NOT the cheapest in the market but there is a good reason for that - they are among the highest quality re-brandable content you will find available at ANY price! Here are the discounts she is offering in this sale:
  • 1 course: Get 30% Off
  • 2 to 3 courses: Get 40% Off
  • 4 to 5 courses: Get 50% Off
  • 6 or more: Get 60% Off (Best Value)

===>>>Check it out here:
Content Sparks Moving Sale


New PLR:
Morning Ritual Mastery:
Feed Your Soul And Transform Your Life Today

We've talked a lot lately about using PLR to customize your PLR planners and Journals and this is a great bundle for this! Add short blurbs from the bundle's books or articles (re-written to add your own voice, of course!) to an existing planner or journal and have an entirely new product!!

BONUS!!! This content is a perfect fit for our "30 Days To Your Level 10 LIfe Planner" - buy through the link below and send your receipt to [email protected] and receive your choice of any one of the 6 designs!

Get it here: Morning Ritual Mastery: Feed Your Soul And Transform Your Life Today


From Lynette At
Thrive Anywhere!


Oh, this is something we ALL need!
With this workbook, you can create a plan to re-market existing products and break free from the continuous - and often brutal! -launch cycle.

BONUS: how about a Digital Workbook version of this one? Complete with 3 cover options as well ;-)

Check it out here:
Promote What You Have

To get 50% off at check out -
use promo code:
Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 9.54.59 AM
Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 9.43.58 AM


From Jan Small at SimpleHappiness.bz

Four beautiful reading journals, in 4 different designs - all gorgeous!
Get $10 off the regular price of $27.00 for each of the reading journals with Coupon Code: LAUNCH10

Or get all 4 reading journals (value $108) for $37 total ($30 off the regular bundle price) with coupon code LAUNCH30



Free Training this Week from DesignCuts

Ok, I freely admit this is one of the "anger Zones" for me!!! I love this place and the free trainings are so good! This one kicks off March 23rd and is 4 days of Procreate training. Learn an array of techniques and tips from paper-cutout lettering, geometric design, watercolor painting, realistic lighting and much more. There's something for everyone


And that is it for today! Off to fall asleep and let the vaccine do it's thing!
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