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Hi, everyone!

Putting together an event like this is scary. No matter how hard you try, you can never predict how things will go, or how the audience will react to the speakers. There are so many unknowns, and ZERO assurances that all will go as planned.

And yet...in spite of the chaos (creative and otherwise) before the event, the Homepreneur's Adventure Virtual Summit has simply been amazing!

And something happened yesterday that I have never seen happen before: During the fantastic presentation by Connie Ragen-Green and Ellen Finkelstein on Joint Venturing - the chat box was blowing up with people connecting to JV right there on Zoom!!

It was incredible, awe-inspiring, and showed first-hand the power of the training!!

Today is Day 3 - we have another incredible lineup for you today too - and more prizes, so you will not want to miss a minute of today's Summit!!

And remember - if you DO miss anything - all the replays and transcripts are available as part of the Premium Event Bundle!

Click here for more details:
Homepreneur's Adventure Virtual Summit

AND - since so many of you have asked - I will be putting together a list of every speaker's websites, so you can check them all out directly!

Here are the links to two products that were mentioned in Tuesday's sessions:

Funnel Mastery by David Perdew

Pinning The Future by Kristie Chiles and Becky Beach

I will also be putting together a full list of all of the presenters and their websites so you can reach out after the Summit!


Today is DAY Three of the Homepreneur's Adventure Virtual Summit and it promises to be just as awesome as yesterday!!

Register here for Zoom details:
Homepreneur's Adventure Virtual Summit

12:00 NOON EST – 1:00 PM EST
Check Your Pride and Go For The Big Ask!!
How One Homepreneur Made It Into The AppSumo MarketPlace!
Guest Speaker: Lynette Chandler, Thrive Anywhere
One Homepreneur’s amazing story of building her home-based business by stepping out of her comfort zone – and winding up in AppSumo’s marketplace!

2:00 PM EST – 3:00 PM EST
Setting Up Your New Home-Based Venture Legally
Guest Speaker: Attorney Bob Silber
There are so many moving parts to setting up your Homepreneur venture – get your questions answered in this always-packed session with Attorney Bob Silber

4:00 PM EST – 5:30 PM EST
Mindset: Making The Transition From The Office To The Home Office
Guest Panelists: Cara Boardwine, Linda Donalds, and Geraldine Cook
Many of us made the transition from the Corporate Office to the Home Office with little warning and no preparation, and it’s now looking like these changes may be permanent. Cara, Linda, and Geraldine share tips and techniques for dealing with the isolation, maintaining productivity, and more while working from home.


Five Products You Can Create & Sell - Workshop

Have you picked up D'vorah's latest course? If not, you still have time before the price goes up significantly!! This is a comprehensive course that will teach you how to make 5 DIFFERENT PRODUCTS!!

Product Demo #1: Create your own digital papers from digital paper overlays and templates.

Product Demo #2: Create a printable planner template in PowerPoint.

Product Demo #3: Create a variety of gorgeous, mini calendar products, using color and digital papers to add flair and pizazz.

Product Demo #4: Transform your printable planner and some mini calendars into a digital planner!

Product Demo #5: Create is a Canva Template Pack. Canva Templates are hot sellers on Etsy and they provide you with a foundation for creating unlimited products!

Check it out here: Five Products You Can Create & Sell - Workshop


Hope to see ya later!
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