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Hi, Everyone!

Whew!! I have been busy snapping up full funnels and TONS of offers from folks I do not normally buy from - but when I have a chance to get their entire product portfolio for pennies on the dollar? I dive in!!

And the reason is simple: whether I like ALL of their products or not, the bottom line is that these are people that are selling thousands of their products with every release, and while some may be garbage - there is always a gem in every course or product. I may not want to buy every one at full price to find that gem - but getting them all at these prices is a no-brainer!

And to be truthful? There is NO ONE in the PLR/Low Content space that comes anywhere near the sales numbers of these product creators, so I decided to go all in and purchase the 'Done For You' options to see what I can learn from them. At the prices being offered right now - it was tough to turn down the opportunity for a look under the hood ;-)


After purchasing Brendan Mace's 2020 Super Bundle yesterday, I made a massive purchase today, buying almost the entire funnel from Glynn Kosky's Christmas Commission Bundle. Glynn tends towards software more than courses, and there are actually some that look pretty promising. I bought almost the entire funnel here because I really wanted to see what the 'Done for You' option really does!

These products are very different from Brendan's, so if we get enough interest, we will set up a different group and each take one product in the bundle and put that particular method to use, otherwise, we will add this to the group I am setting up for Brendan Mace's 2020 Super Bundle (see below) Either way, I am REALLY excited about this opportunity!

===>>> Check it out here: Glynn Kosky's Christmas Commission Bundle
Send your receipt to [email protected] - would love to get this started before the holidays so we can hit 2021 hard!

Brendan Mace's 2020 Super Bundle
If you are part of our Kitchen Sink Mastermind, you know I am not a huge fan of the small cadre of marketers that have pretty much taken over WarriorPlus over the last 2 years. HOWEVER - for $9.95, you get all of Brendan's products from 2020, and trust me, you WILL find a lot of marketing gems in there. It's also an excellent way to study his overall business model, and whether I like all of his products or not - you cannot deny that he IS making money. I felt this was a small investment to get his entire portfolio of output for the year, and as others like this pop-up, I will get them as well.

We had a GREAT response to this yesterday, so we definitely have enough to put this together!! We will each take one product in the bundle and put that particular method to use, and then we all share our results with the group! This will be a quick way to test a lot of different traffic/revenue methods and help us get 2021 off to a fast start? It would also make sure that we actually use this one, instead of relegating it to "someday" status ;-). LET'S SCHEDULE THE FIRST 'ASSIGNMENT' ZOOM FOR DECEMBER 16, 3:00 PM EST AND GET MOVING!! Will send out details for the Zoom tomorrow!

===>>> Check it out here: Brendan Mace's 2020 Super Bundle
Send your receipt to [email protected] - would love to get this started before the holidays so we can hit 2021 hard!



Don't forget to join us at 3:00 PM EST Thursday, December 10 for a very special Zoom as Jenny Lens and I share tips, tricks and hacks to working with graphics and creating totally new and compliant images from purchased or free graphics! Everything I know is from 'hands-on' experience and I truly consider myself a hacking amateur, but what I do works, and that is what matters, right?

Jenny, however, is the 'real deal', and author of several courses on Photoshop, so I think this is going to be a wonderful learning experience on so many levels!!

And, although we will both be working with Photoshop, the concepts and techniques can be used with pretty much whatever software you use. This is more about ways to be creative rather than being tied to a specific tool ;-)

Zoom details are in your member area!

That's it for today - see y'all this afternoon!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at

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