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Bonus Covers for Marlene's Astrology Bundle (5 total!)

Cover 3
Cover 1
Happy Friday, Everyone!!!

Well, after a two-week holiday hiatus, we had a great time on the Kitchen Sink Mastermind Zoom yesterday! I think we clocked in at just under 3 hours (OMG Zoom is going to hate that one!! LOL) but it seemed to fly by as we caught up on what was going on with everyone, answered oodles of questions and YES!!! starting planning our NEXT EVENT!!! More details to come but the next event is going to be a Virtual Summit and we are excited to move into the next phase of our 'learning curve'!!

And in case you missed it - the Kitchen Sink Mastermind gets its own site and community at the end of this month, if not sooner! As discussed recently, we will be moving to a paid model to help underwrite the various events that we have planned for 2021, but low enough that it should not be a barrier to entry for anyone. I will open membership once per quarter, to coincide with our events. We will include our usual Thursday chats, a full forum and networking area, plus member profiles, replays of trainings, first opportunity to participate in all events, and whatever else our group comes up with!

And yep, we do seem to come up with a lot of stuff to do!!

BTW - next week on the agenda:
A full walkthrough of setting up your product and offer on WarriorPlus.

Our Upcoming Accountability Groups....misnamed???

Right now, we have two new groups forming, both are bonuses for recent courses:

Cindy Bidar's Tiny Courses

D'vorah Lansky's Kindle Creation Challenge (see notes below!)

Confession time: I don't really like 'Accountability Groups'. Kinda makes me feel like I am in 4th grade again, and sweating bullets while waiting for the teacher to finish grading my test.,,and I have also noticed that when life gets in the way - people stop showing up rather than having to admit that they did not complete their 'assignment' and then they 'fall behind' and after that comes 'I quit'.

I don't want that pressure for anyone. I do not think it is productive for most people, and no one needs the extra stress right now.

INSTEAD....I want our two upcoming groups to be supportive - a place for brainstorming and feedback, a place where everyone can be comfortable sharing ideas, where they are in the process, what their goals are and even help review and edit our work when we get to that point. If you WANT an accountability partner to keep you on track, we can certainly do that too - but if you want a more relaxed environment to provide feedback and support, that is what we will be for you.

In other words, I would like to keep these sessions FLEXIBLE,
so no one is intimidated or excluded from the process ;-)

A Special Note About Kindle Creation Challenge

You do NOT need to be an 'author' or 'writer' to CREATE a Kindle book! D'vorah teaches multiple ways to create Kindle books that are unique and unusual, based on our knowledge, experience, blog posts, interviews, articles, FAQ lists, even audio and video recordings, that we've created or have the rights to.

You can pick up the course HERE and save $50 with promo code: KINDLE50 - then send your receipt to [email protected]



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Bonus Updates:

• Marleen's Astrology Bonus is done and you can access
it through your WarriorPlus account!

If you have not picked this one up yet - this is a HUGE bundle and is absolutely gorgeous!! It is still available HERE and you will get the 5 BONUS COVERS immediately when you purchase! See the samples at the top of the newsletter!

• The Tools For Motivation Bonus is in the works, will be done
and delivered Monday.

[email protected]


Becky Beach has released a new Vintage Rose Wedding Planner! Wedding Planners are HOT SELLERS THIS TIME OF YEAR!!! This is MASSIVE at 88 pages, and includes both color and black and white, plus covers and dividers.
BONUS: 5 Gorgeous New Covers, because I love Wedding Planners!! Will be delivered by end of next week.

===>>> Check it out here: Vintage Rose Wedding Planner!
Use coupon code VINTAGE to save $10 through January 22.


Ruthie's Updated and Re-Done Creative Repurposing Course

Ruthie's original course, released 2 years ago, was definitely a 'ground-breaker' in looking at new and unique ways to use PLR graphics.

In this new and improved version, not only will you get the original set of step-by-step videos that cover:

  • Where to find images you can legally use
  • How to create new images from existing ones
  • How to work with lineart and patterns
  • How to create journal templates from coloring pages
  • How to make book covers from coloring images
You'll also get 5 brand new live webinars:
  • How to repurpose your coloring images onto POD products
  • How to repurpose clipart into black and white line art
  • How to use mandala maker software to create images you can repurpose
  • How to repurpose kid's coloring packs into unique images for an adult market
  • How to create digital papers out of black and white patterns.
Ruthie is also going to explore new software options for creating your own patterns and mandalas that weren't available with the original version of the course.
MY BONUS: 40 Mandalas from our current collection (Jungle, Floral, Cat and Holiday) and 20 all-new mandalas PLUS 25 watercolor backgrounds. Bonus will be ready next week.
==== Check it out here: Ruthie's Updated and Re-Done Creative Repurposing Course



Tiny Course Accountability Group
Our first session will be:
Wednesday, January 13, 2021
3:00 PM
For the buyers of Cindy Bidar's Tiny Course!
Details will be sent via email to all members of this group end of this week.

Christmas Bundle Product Reviews
Our big product review session will be:
I am going to push this one back one week as some members are not ready yet so this will be Tuesday, January 19, 2021
3:00 PM
For the buyers of Brendan and/or Glynn's Christmas Bundles
Details will be sent via email to all members of this group end of week along with the overview of the products everyone is working on!


Friday Freebies....
30 kitty pics (public domain!), each one in 2 different watercolor-style renditions. All from Unsplash or Pixabay - use as you please!
Have a wonderful weekend!!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!! See all of our products or login to your Member's area at

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