Set 03-Black Friday-15
Hi, Everyone!!

Wow....I have an inbox full of Black Friday offers already! There are some I have been waiting for, and will definitely jump on, such as Adobe Suite, as I use this every day, but I am taking my time to make any other decisions this year.

Although there are a lot of great deals out there...there are every year!...my business is in a different place than it was last year at this time, so my needs are very different as well. This is one of the reasons that I hesitate to buy 'lifetime' memberships to most things, although, I figure if I get 12 months out of it, and can cut the regular cost of those 12 months by a good amount, then it is a bargain, whether I use it for a 'lifetime' or not.

And have you ever wondered what a 'lifetime' purchase is? Trust me - you want to check this out before you purchase as it varies wildly!! But as a general rule of thumb - lifetime is the lifetime of the company providing the service, and if the company is a start-up - that maybe a few months to a year, at best.

One of the biggest issues I have had over the last few years is not with companies closing but with companies being sold or acquired, and the new owners not honoring the 'deals', so this is another clause to look for - especially if it is a major purchase for you!

My general rule of thumb is if I think I can get 12 months of use from the purchase and cut my costs by 50% or more, I will

But above all - remember that no matter how big a discount - that Black Friday price is only a bargain...IF YOU NEED AND WILL USE IT!!

In other news.....
The new Horizontal Digital Planners are DONE!! But Flip5HTML is not rendering the videos for the sales page, so I am stalled for a bit while I create alternate images for the sales page. I have designrr as well but they do not have a single page flip option so it does not display the planer correctly! LOL Always a roadblock somewhere, right?

But I am really excited about this release - it is a complete re-design and a whole new system using PNG templates rather than tables, so you do not need to be a PowerPoint Guru to make basic changes ;-) This is 99% 'Drag 'n' Drop" which I think will make the Digital planners a reality for everyone.

Hopefully, the sales page will be done tomorrow, Wednesday at the latest!

Holiday Sparkle Pre-Launch Zoom

Topic: Official Holiday Sparkle Meeting
Time: Nov 24, 2020 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meetinghttps://zoom.us/j/96171776438?pwd=QnoyeXhxQ3Y2QzZHdGVFNFJKSUpSQT09
Meeting ID: 961 7177 6438
Passcode: 664651

Registration is officially closed now! I will be checking all submissions and letting everyone know what we still need to finish the set-up - call tomorrow will be in place of the usual Thursday call, and we will be finalizing details and answering last-minute questions!

It's Almost Over!!
Start Your Side Hustle Giveaway V2

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And the best part about the Bundle? One PDF to download that includes direct links to all of your purchases - no need to register for each one separately! So you can take your time perusing the FREE gifts, and not stress over registering for the BUndle as well!!

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