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Hi, Everyone!

I love newsletters! This afternoon I was reading one on the topic of 'sidehustles' and the author included a long list of things you could do with an extra thou a month - there were the usual suggestions (pay off off student loans, credit cards etc) but this was my fave:

Avocado toast. This is maybe the best strategy, in my opinion. With the extra $1k you make each month, you could make 606+ slices of avocado toast every single month. That’s 20+ pieces of avocado toast per DAY. Amazing.

Nice to know the guy speaks my language ;-)

As you know, I missed the Tuesday Tutorial newsletter this week. As a group, the "Let's Get Pinning" group (the bonus for the Kristie Chiles's Affiliate Pinning Success Course) worked together to promote Ruthie's course. So Tuesday was the crunch day as everyone rushed to finish landing pages, funnels, pins and email sequences! And it was a hoot to see whose pins were approved to be promoted and whose were rejected. If there is any logic in the process, we totally missed it! But it was a fun day, and for many participants - their first shot at promoting an affiliate opportunity on Pinterest!

But onto the big news.....

Ruthie's 2nd Annual
Birthday Bash Is Here!

Holy cow! Just launched and already growing!! I am not sure how many products are in the bundle now, but YES!! It grew by several more today (I think 42??) So I don't know what the new value is but it is definitely over $1600 now!!

I am not going to re-publish the full list of contributors because it is HUGE and you can check this am's quickie email and see it - but this is an amazing bargain!!

And the best part is that many of us created all-NEW products for Ruthie's event! My contribution is 2 full-size Digital Planners and 2 Digital Mini-Planners - all 4 are totally new designs! The planners alone are worth the cost of the bundle.

BONUS: Now, many of you bought the BC Stack bundle and are waiting for the new 2021 DATED Digital planners to come out, because that was part of the bonus - but trust me, these WILL be worth the wait! They are fully interlinked from the 12-month calendar to EVERY DAY - and there is a monthly calendar on every daily spread that links to each day of the month. Yes, we are already at 800+ links! These are the planners that you see selling for $$$ on Etsy - these are NOT $5 planners!!! I don't know yet how many designs we will launch with but I am probably doing 3 separate releases of 5 designs each, so you will have time to hit the hot 2021 market which starts very soon.

BUY THROUGH OUR LINK: and you get your choice of any TWO 2021 Digital Planners released from now through the rest of the year!! PLUS: I will be holding a webinar to go over how best to edit and work with your digital planners. This will be a single session, but open to questions so will probably be 2 to 3 hours long. Wear comfy clothes and pack a lunch ;-)

===>>> GET IT NOW!!

Ruthie's 2nd Annual
Birthday Bash Is Here!

And Yes, We Finally Have Tutorials!!

• Google Brings You Stories On WordPress (beta) - The Big G's latest release lets you create and display beautiful Stories right on your WordPress blog! This is really a fun one!

• From WPMUDev: Dealing With Malicious Code: How To Find Out If You Have Been Hacked!

From the FATSTACKSBLOG: Marketing vs Publishing - Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

• Newsletters can be such great fodder for ideas, content and all kinds of resources (see the avocado toast quote above for proof!) Here's an amazing list of the best "homegrown' newsletters: 80 Best Single-Operator Newsletters

• Frustrated with Google? Ok dumb question, because who isn't right? So check out New Bing Webmaster Tools – Overview and Review

• The Beginners Guide to Selling On Amazon: Before you shell out for the $3k course - start at the source and decide if it is right for you!


Please send your receipt to:
[email protected]
Please put BONUS in the subject line!!


I am going back to work on those new planners - we have some REALLY fun stuff coming up in the next couple of releases!
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