Bonus Cover Samples For "Achieving Inner Peace" - ENDS TODAY!
Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

Yes, yes, I know you are not all mothers, but you probably came from one originally, so let's celebrate all moms today anyway! And it's a good excuse for dessert, right? My mom is enjoying quiche and chocolate decadence today, courtesy of Harry & David ;-).

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Toolkit #12 - Faith-Based Planners

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How To Build Your List: The Easy Way!!
There is an excellent Giveaway event that is open for Contributor registration right now, with both free and paid options - Limitless Living's Build Your Successful Online Business.

I have been participating in this monthly event as a paid sponsor for several months now and without exception, the ROI is far more than my costs. In fact, probably about 10X at this point! It's really a great way to get your name out there and start building not just your list but your BRAND too!!

Contributor signups only last for a couple of days so head on over and take a look at Build Your Successful Online Business.


Special Price Ends Today!! Justin at Tools for Motivation: ACHIEVING INNER PEACE. On top of the MASSIVE amount of content that you ALWAYS get with Justin's products - they have also re-purposed each of the 10 articles into 20 Canva templates for Facebook stories and presentations! This is on top of the rest of the content:

  • Audiobook
  • 10 x 400-word Articles
  • 2 Mini-Reports from the articles
  • 10 Slide Decks from the articles
  • Quote Posters For Social Media: 20 fully editable posters (800px by 1000px)
  • Ecover Included
BONUS: See the top of the newsletter for samples from the 10 new covers just for this product! PLUS I am also adding a new journal /workbook to complement the product when you buy through our link below. Covers are done, and workbook should be done no later than Wednesday
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Don't miss Planning Addicts new "Work From Home" Planner through our link! There is a whole new generation of Work From Home folks getting started right now, so the market is ripe for this type of content!

  • 20 interior pages
  • SIZES: 8.5 x 11 in. & 6 x 9 in.
  • PDF: printables in color & grayscale & PPT: editable color.
The colors are gorgeous and cheerful, and you get $7 off the regular price with promo code WORKIT.
Bonus: Buy through our link and get 5 new Covers and 5 new Title Banners
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Review note: "Greyhound Giveaways". I purchased this a couple of days ago, had login issues but finally got to test yesterday - the software works...it basically adds your affiliate links to a lead magnet, and creates and hosts the landing page for you. The problem is that there are only 2 lead magnets included, and both are products belonging to the product creator. The sales letter DID state that the purchase included 2 lead magnets - what it left out was that you cannot add any lead magnets of your own to use the software! So essentially, you are paying for the privilege of promoting his products because he is providing you with a couple of basic promotion items. This has been a common theme with recent IM launches - a 'pay to play' model where you get faster approval or higher commissions by buying into the program.


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That is it for now - the sun is shining for a bit, so I am going outside for a walk!
Stay safe and we WILL get through this!!!
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