It's Monday again, everyone!

The sun is out and the skies are blue, so we are going for a hike this afternoon!! And I am not even going to acknowledge the weather report for tomorrow. I am also going to stay away from the news for the whole day, and delete all emails with the words or phrases I am tired of hearing such as "uncertainty", "unprecedented', "these uncertain times", "You are failing because", "Your business is failing because", or anything that is remotely negative. I know what is going on, but the certainty in my life is that I need to keep my head in a place that lets me keep creating because that puts food on our table.

So, I am going to be kind to my soul today, enjoy the sun while it is here - and ignore the fact that the weather forecast is for rain the rest of the week.

I will be back to adulting tomorrow. I promise. Maybe. And yes, MY ostrich is colorful because why the heck not??

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And tomorrow - look for some free backgrounds, too!!


The Bestseller's Summit

If you haven't registered yet, sign-up ends tomorrow, and this is going to be awesome! From Ron and Alice over at Elite Writer's Lab and Publish for Prosperity, this is 2 info-packed days with 17 leaders in the online publishing world. And yes, I have my ticket! This is also a PAY WHAT YOU CAN event - so everyone can attend!!

BONUS: A notebook! This is done and ready for you! It includes the full agenda, and one page dedicated to EACH speaker, the time and date of their session etc. so you can take ORGANIZED NOTES!! Why attend if you cannot make the most of your time, right? Just purchase through our link below, and send your receipt to [email protected]

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The Bestsellers Summit


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Our $5 Flash Sale continues through midnight Monday! This huge sale includes all of those fantastic bonuses that have been giving away for the past month with purchases! Pick just the ones you want for $5 each or grab the whole bundle of 12 for just $47!!!

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AMAZING $5 Flash Sale

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New Software I am LOVING!!

StoryPal just launched this am, and so far so good! This software creates those wonderful Google AMP Story videos, quickly and easily. These get ranked in Google almost instantly and given the Big G's emphasis on mobile-friendly websites right now, this seemed like a great investment! Since we are planning on hitting Instagram heavy this year, this seemed like a no-brainer ;-)

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Use promo code: STORY10 to get $10 off!

BONUS: We have a new Ad & Social Media Tracker that should be ready late today! This is an all-new design with full PLR, of course!!!
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Have a wonderful day!!! Stay safe and we WILL get through this!!!

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