Just a quick note and then I am off to binge-watch SOMETHING/ANYTHING with a big bowl of popcorn ;-)

First, Pixelcrafter's Fruit Fun Activity Kit launch pricing is supposed to end at midnight tonight (I totally missed this, sorry!). So if you want to pick this up at the best price, not much time left!

Second, I have uploaded all of the bonuses, so if yours is not in your member area, please re-send your receipt to [email protected]. Some were sent to the regular email which now gets so much mail that it is easy to get lost in there.

===>>> If you want to see the entire set of bonus covers - they are here: Fruit Fun Bonus Covers (These are all new and NOT included in the $5 Flash Sale)

You can get the entire set FREE when you buy Pixelcrafter's Fruit Fun Activity Kit
through our link!!

AMAZING $5 Flash Sale

We finally have that AMAZING $5 Flash Sale that we have been promising everyone!
This huge sale includes all of those fantastic bonuses that have been giving away for the past month with purchases! Pick just the ones you want for $5 each or grab the whole bundle of 12 for just $47!!!

Why you want these: These bonuses and more like them have been landing me on the leader boards of some major launches for the past year. They take time to create, but I spend every spare minute creating "extras" with the end goal being that I always have something ready to go for a new promotion or a bundle event! With today's sale - you can stock up and be ready to catch every opportunity that comes your way!

AMAZING $5 Flash Sale

($5 price disappears Monday at midnight!)

That's it until tomorrow!

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