It's Saturday - and we have your Friday Freebies for you below!

LOL, yep when things don't go as planned, we are getting pretty good at pivoting as needed these days! ;-)

• First up: The BONUS COVERS for Pixelcrafter's new Fruit Fun Activity Kit - ARE DONE!! If you bought through our link and have already sent in your receipt, I will be uploading them to your accounts this afternoon, so look for that email or just login to your account in a couple of hours.
===>>> If you want to see the entire set - they are here: Fruit Fun Bonus Covers
(These are all new and NOT included in the $5 Flash Sale)

You can get the entire set FREE when you buy Pixelcrafter's Fruit Fun Activity Kit
through our link!!

AMAZING $5 Flash Sale

We finally have that AMAZING $5 Flash Sale that we have been promising everyone!
This huge sale includes all of those fantastic bonuses that have been giving away for the past month with purchases! Pick just the ones you want for $5 each or grab the whole bundle of 12 for just $47!!!

Why you want these: These bonuses and more like them have been landing me on the leader boards of some major launches for the past year. They take time to create, but I spend every spare minute creating "extras" with the end goal being that I always have something ready to go for a new promotion or a bundle event! With today's sale - you can stock up and be ready to catch every opportunity that comes your way!

AMAZING $5 Flash Sale

($5 price disappears Monday at midnight!)


Friday Freebies...A Day Late But Still Awesome!!
Have some fun ;-)

From MasterBundles.com - A set of 5 "Stay At Home" Postcards

From DealFuel.com - An adorable set of Springtime Flowers, Birds & Bunnies

• Over at MightyDeals.com - Gorgeous set of Scandia Patterns/Backgrounds

FindKeep.Love - this is a LEGIT sweepstakes site, with some great offers and discounts, too. I actually spoke with their marketing manager yesterday, and this is the real deal. Some very cool freebies and coupons here! Here's the gift/discount page: Gift & Coupon Offers

• From AppSumo/com. - this is really awesome: The Remote Work Academy. A series of webinars and training to get the most out of working from home (really great if you don't normally do this work-from-home thing as your main gig!)

The Festival of Spring Gifts: We have THREE products in there - all new designs! - so hop over and grab them ASAP!
===>>> Check it out here: The Festival of Spring Gifts

So, around our house the NFL draft is like a major holiday - especially this year when we picked up Joe Burrows for our QB. So that lead to the quest of tater tot recipes ;-). LOL seriously - it's one of the few frozen foods we have been able to get, we don't eat them often but when we do, we doll them up - check this out: 35 CRAZY GOOOD Tater Tot Recipes

Last but not least...
Looking for some games to play on your desktop - not your phone? Check out Big Fish Games - you can try out most games for an hour without purchasing! And they have both Mac and PC versions.

That's it for today! I am going to grab a bite to eat and then add the Fruit Activity bonuses to the member's area for those that have sent in their receipts!

Stay safe and enjoy your day!

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