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Hi, Everyone!

It's Tuesday, which means TUTORIALS!! Today, we have a little smaller than usual bunch of [really] good stuff, because I want to share something with you that I have put into practice over the last several months, and how it has affected my business:

I am sure you have seen lots of high priced courses over the last months on the topic of "making money by giving stuff away!!" There is even one course out there that is charging $3500 for what I am going to share here for free and that is the power of the bonus!

Everyday you see email after email promising HUGE bonuses if you buy through the sender's link....at first glance that mile-long list of goodies LOOKS tempting...but how often is the bonus really just a bunch of random garbage thrown together? A bunch of outdated resell rights products bought from a monthly subscription shared with a gazillion other people. I've seen so many courses lately that tell you how 'powerful' these bonuses are, but they are not.

Today's ecommerce buyer is pretty sophisticated and they might buy from you ONCE for the bonus, but not a second time. And the truth is - it costs you more money to acquire new customers than it does to treat your current ones like the VIPs that they are ;-)

Unfortunately, many of these course creators really don't care about building a brand or a reputation. They blast out their spam across the social networks and sell to their one-time-only customers and they are ok with that.

But if you have been struggling to find your place, to build your list and make money as an affiliate marketer - here's the big secret: truly match the bonus to the offer, and magic will start to happen. It may not be right away, but you will get the hang of it and your sales will climb, steadily, and readers will reach out to see what you are promoting next, because they want your bonus. That's when you know that you are doing something right ;-)

I do not promote everything that comes out, even in the PLR/Low Content niche, because I do not have time to create bonuses for everything, so I focus on the ones that resonate with me, the ones that I KNOW I can add value to with my bonus. And my readers have recognized this and support my efforts.

Bonuses do NOT need to be custom created - but they should be custom crafted, and by that I mean take some time to put some thought and effort into how your bonus will allow the buyer to better utilize the product, or make it easier for them to create a new end product. I do a lot of covers, and custom planner designs, but if you have PLR, you can put together a new ebook of articles to use as a lead magnet or an autoresponder sequence for optins. I will often buy a new PLR product and use it as seed material for a complimentary planner or workbook, and it works like a charm because it truly adds value to their purchase.

Before I started doing this, I was making a few sales here and there. Now, I have a folder full of screenshots showing me on the leaderboards of pretty much every event that I get involved in. I make sales every. single. day.

But here's the great big warning: IT. IS. WORK.

We discussed this today on our Affiliate Pinning Success Zoom chat (an AMAZING group over there!), and Ruthie Bowers comment was "It's tough to find time to do all the ones you want to do." (or something close to that, sorry, Ruthie!), and she is dead on. Affiliate marketing, whether you are doing it by pinning on Pinterest or promoting bonuses is work. I have yet to find a big red button on my desktop or computer that actually works, and you can trust me when I say that I have tried most of them. You do not want to see my WarriorPlus purchase history LOL!

The two best tools that I have found so far and that seem to work for me are elbow grease and consistency. Throw a good helping of thoughtfully planned and carefully crafted bonuses on top, and that my friends, is the recipe for affiliate marketing success. And I am willing to bet you have some awesome stuff on that hard drive, too!

And I just saved you $3500 for that dumb over-priced course ;-)


A few more goodies I found this week:
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We will be back with new offers and some awesome bonuses for ya tomorrow!

Have a wonderful evening!
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