And they were higher before I played around Saturday....

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Hi, everyone!

Two beautiful days in a row ;-) I am soooo enjoying it! The cannas are blooming nicely already but the impatiens got a bit waterlogged with all of the rain. Frankly, I am not sure that they are going to make it. Normally, I would just run up to the nursery and get a few more to fill in, but things are not normal, so I may have a few empty pots going back into the shed soon! We are making some trips out into the 'real world' from our little cocoon but only for necessary items, walks, etc. LOL impatiens are just not that high up on the food chain of life necessities to warrant the trip right now! Our grandsons' confirmation is next Sunday, though, and with our new black masks - we are going to look like 2 gray-haired ninjas!!

I received a lot of great comments on yesterday's newsletter regarding funnels, and, yes, I will be responding to all of you! Several of you asked how I created the one-page funnel/sales page that I use and it is fairly easy, as I use Divi. I simply create a template for the sales page, and duplicate it for the next product launch. I use FlipHTML5 for those nifty flipbooks that showcase our planners and love it! You just upload the pdf and it spits out your flipbook on the other end ;-)

Divi is by Elegant Themes - and you will note that there is no link to their website! I have been using Elegant Themes products for years. I don't know when they launched exactly, but I have been a customer way before they launched the 'drag & drop' Divi page builder platform. I loved it originally - it was fast and flexible, and allowed you so much more freedom to create than almost anything on the market at the time.

Unfortunately, recent versions have become slow and bloated, and most disturbing is that what you see is NOT what you get. There is a distinct difference between what you see while in edit mode (both dashboard and front end) and what your page or post will look like when you are logged out. This is NOT good. Unfortunately, when you commit to a page builder, whether it is Divi or Thrive or Elementor or any other, you are looking at a major headache if you want to change themes, so changing is not in the near future, but my new sites are not being built on it, and I no longer recommend it.

It is definitely a Catch-22 situation: page builders can and DO offer an easier way to create a beautiful and functional site, but at a cost that may not be apparent until quite a ways down the road. So, whenever possible - try to use a free version of that theme
you love before buying the whole enchilada ;-)

And look for a longer blog post on the topic of funnels in the next week or so.

Now...about the title today and those A/A scores above

.....shortly after I moved to our new host, I noticed that our bandwidth useage was high, REALLY high, and not matching up with our visitor counts at all. Our new host was no help at all....Digging in, I discovered that most of the bandwidth was being eaten up by bad bots (Baidu was killing us!) along with persistent brute force attacks to the admin page (and of course, you know never to use the default 'admin' as your user name right?). The person I turned to for help was Matt Garrett and his Cloud Defender 2.0 - and my GTMetrix scores went from C/D to A/A (they actually were higher but I made some changes over the weekend that I need to clean up a bit).

Today, Matt has launched his CloudDefender V3.0 course, and I HIGHLY recommend it. It's right around $12.00 and yes, I purchased the updated course. It basically walks you through the whole scary-techie set-up of CloudFlare so that your site runs faster. This equates to lower bandwidth use AND better SERPS & organic traffic. If you work with clients, this also comes with Developer rights, so you can offer this service to your clients. There are TWO upsell offers - I already own them both, so did not purchase today, but I can honestly recommend both without hesitation. Matt is one of the absolute best when it comes to anything WordPress, and he stands behind his money-back guarantee, too.
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Tools For Motivation:
Stop Worrying!!

Wow! Talk about a timely topic! Why Worry - Transforming Concern, Doubt & Fear Into Excitement is the newest PLR bundle from that awesome Jason Popovich and it is so relevant to the times! So many people are literally frozen in place right now, unable to move forward or make the needed changes to make it through these challenging times. Combine this with your own Journal or Workbook and give your readers the tools to come out on the other side of this mess with a new lease on life.
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From Mightydeals.com - I found this Friday and have had more fun playing with this! "Her Portrait & Room Creator" is one of the most unique graphics products I have seen in ages! It's only $9 and comes with more than 1500 elements in 3 formats that can be used to create rooms, people, outfits - it's almost impossible to describe, you really just need to see it! I snapped it up immediately!
Check it out here: Her Portrait & Room Creator
Note: They rotate featured products - if this is not on the top of page when you go there, just check the products on the home page below the featured product, or enter the name in the search box.


Coach Glue's Big Summer Sale is on right now, and this is one of my fave courses: Simple and Fun Goal Setting Strategies to Create Your Most Spectacular Year Ever! – This is a fantastic workbook that can be a perfect upsell or companion product to your planners! $20 Off with code: 2020
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Running out of time!!
Rayven's Over-The-Top

PLR Printables Extravaganza

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PLR Printables Extravaganza


From Lynette Chandler: Self Care For Busy Moms!
I honestly cannot imagine what it has been like for parents with small kids at home right now, but I think self-care is probably a pretty hot topic right about now! Get 50% off with promo code: MOMCARE (expires June 9th)
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99 Printable Ideas To Create & Sell!

I almost missed this latest one by Kristie Chiles, and I am glad that I did not! I love anything that can save me time and make me money - and this can do both:
Kristie's put together a list of 99 Keywords that Pinterest says that people are looking for at 5 million searches EACH keyword per month. I love this because it shortens the idea to product cycle for me by miles - and the reviews have been terrific from everyone that snatched this one up too!:

Select a keyword > Create a printable > Market on Pinterest
> $$ Cha-CHING $$

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That's all for today - have an amazing weekend!!
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