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Hi, everyone!

It's Saturday evening, and that means that I am way off my normal schedule but I dove into mapping out a couple of upcoming projects, and totally lost track of time! LOL it happens, but I figured out a design issue that had been driving me crazy, so I am very happy! And it means that we will have a fully dated digital planner out pretty soon too!

I also spent quite a lot of time trying to order new masks for ourselves and my mother. The biggest issue was trying to find something that a) looked legit and b) would arrive in time - our twin grandsons Confirmation is next weekend, and masks are required! Thank goodness for Amazon Prime - they are scheduled to arrive tomorrow - fingers crossed!

And am I the only one that is getting tired of sterilizing my groceries? UGH life is busy enough without the extra chores, but I will keep up with the protocols until....whenever...

There were a LOT of launches & sales this week, but there are a couple in particular that I think are really worth noting:

Coach Glue's Big Summer Sale is on right now, and 2 of my favorite courses are coming up over the next 2 days:

June 7th: Workshop: Money Mindset to Help You SoarThis course is a bit pricier than most of their offers, but if you do any financial coaching, manifestation or vision board groups, this can be utilized in SOOOO many ways to get your tribe over their financial hurdles! Get $220 Off with code: 2020
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June 8th: Simple and Fun Goal Setting Strategies to Create Your Most Spectacular Year Ever! – This is a fantastic workbook that can be a perfect upsell or companion product to your planners! $20 Off with code: 2020
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Rayven's Over-The-Top
PLR Printables Extravaganza

Did you know that you get a $50 coupon for our products with this?? YES!!! You really do! Plus a BONUS when you buy through our link - I am including a $15 coupon for the Basic Bundle and a $25 coupon for the DELUXE Bundle
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PLR Printables Extravaganza


From Lynette Chandler: Self Care For Busy Moms!
I honestly cannot imagine what it has been like for parents with small kids at home right now, but I think self-care is probably a pretty hot topic right about now! Get 50% off with promo code: MOMCARE (expires June 9th)
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99 Printable Ideas To Create & Sell!

I almost missed this latest one by Kristie Chiles, and I am glad that I did not! I love anything that can save me time and make me money - and this can do both:
Kristie's put together a list of 99 Keywords that Pinterest says that people are looking for at 5 million searches EACH keyword per month. I love this because it shortens the idea to product cycle for me by miles - and the reviews have been terriffic from everyone that snatched this one up too!:

Select a keyword > Create a printable > Market on Pinterest
> $$ Cha-CHING $$

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NOW...Did you get the FRIDAY Freebies?

• First up: From our archives....10 floral original Mandala coloring pages(Full PLR rights)

From DesignBundles.net: 30 Tropical Tones Watercolor Icons for Instagram Stories (Gorgeous!) AND....Summer Coloring Page Bundle AND an adorable watercolor coffee graphics set. All come with their commercial license, but please confirm that it will work for your specific project before using as their license is a little different!

• From CHICFETTI Free Graphics Tools & Printables - this site has all kinds of goodies!! Check the Free Printables link in the top menu, but then scoot on down to the last column in the footer section titled "MORE" - all kinds of awesome tools from a Palette Generator to a Monogram Maker!

• One of the things that REALLY come in handy when doing digital planners are PRE-DONE COLOR PALETTES! Having a pre-done palette makes it so much easier to create those gorgeous varigated-but-coordinated colored tabs - and here are some great resources for your creative efforts:
And last but not least today - for you Affinity aficionados in the crowd (you know who you are!!!) - I located some free resources for you, too!
That's all for today - have an amazing weekend!!
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