Good morning!

It's a new week, a fresh start and this week WILL go better than last week!! Right? RIGHT!!!! We are STILL not moved over to the new VPS server, but hopefully that will be completed today...seems there was an 'issue' with the new server they provisioned for us...sigh...nothing is ever easy.

I wasn't able to send email yesterday so the Sunday gift of 4 new covers & matching backgrounds is just going out this am. As you can probably tell from the samples above - I am definitely in a SPRING MOOD!! You can download these HERE - no optin needed! And if you sent a bonus request yesterday, I will be getting to everyone today.

My digital planner thoughts and experiences will be done later this afternoon - I am actually writing a rare blog post on the topic ;-)

I am also putting together a bonus for Amy's AUTOMAGIC Content, which is actually in relaunch this week, so if you missed it the first time - you will want to catch the afternoon newsletter!

New Today:

Justin Popovich is back with another evergreen topic that is perfect for the Zero content niche: Common Sense Time Management. This is not as big a bundle as the special one he just did for us, but at $17 its a still! It launches at 11EST today. BONUS: I am working on a 2-page/7 day weekly spread, with hourly scheduling for this one, with 2 sets of covers/backgrounds for you. Works perfectly with Justin's bundle. I would scatter the tips from Justin's bundle throughout the Planner and combine it with the workbook to create your own unique end product on this one.
Go here at 11am EST: Common Sense Time Management.

As promised, I went through Erica Stone's new "Facebook Traffic Snatcher" and I have to admit, it definitely delivers more than 99% of the FaceBook courses you have probably read. It's 112 pages of solid meat with screenshots, sample ad text, image samples & sizes, you name it! She honestly does not leave a stone unturned on this one, and I totally recommend it unless you are already an FB ad guru! I am totally not, so I loved this one. Check it out here: Erica Stone's "Facebook Traffic Snatcher"
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===>>> Lynette Chandler's new prayer journal, Praying The Word is live early bird pricing ends tomorrow so jump on this one now!
===>>> Check it out here: Praying The Word
===>>> $10 off promo code: PRAY (Expires End of Day Tuesday, March 3rd)
HUGE Bonus: Choose any two Design Kits from Toolkit #6!!
Note: If you already have Toolkit #6, you will receive a credit towards two Design Kits when our new Faith-inspired planners are released in March ;-). Launch date is tentatively set for March 21, and should include 6 new designs, minimum.

TO GET YOUR BONUSES: send your receipts and your selections (if applicable) to: [email protected]. We will normally reply the same day with your bonus!

Enjoy your 'Sunday' gift!
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