Hi, All!

As I mentioned in an earlier newsletter this week, I am a nerd/geek. Have been since a wee child and being a grandma doesn't change that! If anything, it makes it all the more important to stay current, so I freely admit that I spend more time reading newsletters than posting on social media...even though I KNOW I need to increase my presence there....but that is a tale for another day!

Instead here is today's great content:
===>> From the NY Times - Do you put things off rather than tackle that "To Do" list every morning? You might find this to be an eye-opener: Why You Procrastinate - And It Probably Is Not What You Think It Is!

===>> From Alice & Ron At EliteWritersLab.com: It's amazing what you can learn from free content: 35 Ways To Make Content Marketing Easier

===>> From Medium (my personal time-waster!): TikTok is all the rage - and no need to buy an expensive course How To Create Your First Successful TikTok Video in Less Than 15 Minutes

===>> Also from Medium: this list of the best Medium columns to make you a better marketer

===>> And one more: A Simple Framework For Capturing & Organizing Blog Post Ideas

My fave free fonts & design goodies this week:
===>> FontBundles.net: Lovebird, Chocolate Candy Cups, Columbia, and Housewife

Sweet Design Freebies from DesignBundles.net here - some adorable Val Day graphics (including some with kitties!)

Last-minute reminders....
Brain Fix ends tonight at midnight! The 'little' bonus is now a 90 page/30 day workbook that contains 30 Daily Memory Boosters (120 words and 90 images!) plus 30 "Word of the Day" prompts with definitions, etc., meal and activity trackers. etc, etc, etc, 3 covers, and 1 background. Each day is now a 3-page activity workbook and tracker, and we will be launching it as a new product on its own next week. Interesting how things sometimes evolve!

To get it, buy Brain Fix through our link and get the bonus - Just send your receipt to [email protected] to get it!

Another product ending today, that I TOTALLY missed but just purchased is the Coach Glue Workshop "Digital Nomad Lifestyle: How To Become Location Free in 90 Days Or Less!". This is a massive content bundle that includes everything to launch your course from sales pages to your livestream script, even the follow-up emails! Use coupon code: 200 to get it today for only $97 and you could be selling and/or teaching this course by next week!

Since I almost missed this one, I don't have a bonus yet, but I will be putting together a set of 10 (relevant) Covers for you to use for the course workbook.

That's it for today! Hope your weather is better than ours (snow today!) and if not, stay warm and have an awesome weekend!
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