5 Free Designs For You To Use As You want!
It's Tutorial Tuesday! Time to learn something fun and hopefully useful. Always good to keep those brain cells active. I seem to find myself staying off into space a little too much the last few days as are pretty much trapped in the house since the weather as turned to sucky on us again!

Before diving into the tutorials today, I want to say thank you to this amazing community for supporting the "Pay What You Want" COVID-19 RESCUE BUNDLE put together by the owner of WarriorPlus. This special bundle is a "Pay What You Want" sale with 100% of the proceeds going towards COVID-19 charities. There are no commissions or prizes being paid on the bundle - 100% of sales after PayPal fees will go to the charities! Amazingly, the leader board on this launch is almost all from the small community of PLR creators - and none of the "BIG IM MONEY MAKERS" that fill the top Marketplace spots every day or always named the Deal Of The Day are anywhere to be found on the list. NONE OF THEM!! This says a lot - about us, and about them. Selling 1000 copies of every product I release would be wonderful and life-changing for most of us - but if it means that I forget to help others, then I will stay right where I am at, thank you.

So kudos to all of you for supporting the cause. Greatly appreciated!
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And now on to the regularly scheduled newsletter and Tutorial Tuesday:

• From us ;-)

Not a tutorial, just a little giftie! Check out the samples above! Here's a cute little bundle of 5 free 8x11 300 DPI designs for you! No optin, just download them HERE. You have full PLR rights, so you can give them away, use for your planners & journals or use as stationary to drop a friend a surprise note of cheer in these strange times.

From Udemy: Start A Fully Automated Print on Demand Store with Etsy

From Backlinko: The Definitive Guide to Technical SEO This is really good and explains some very technical aspects of setting up and optimizing your site with great images and in language we can all understand.

• From Podia: The definitive guide for creating, hosting, and promoting a virtual summit
And yes, when they say 'definitive' they are not joking. Great examples and resources shared, not just a sales pitch for Podia!

• Search Engine Journal brings us: Ugly URLS: The Truth About URLS, Keywords and Google

• Last but not least: from Elegant Themes - A Simple Guide to Getting Featured Snippets on Google - this is the golden path to SEO nirvana, folks!!


Bookbolt.io has a great special for our readers today!! If you are not familiar with BookBolt, it's the 'all in one solution' for compiling your books, creating/finishing your covers, doing keyword research and listing your finished product on Kindle. Order the 6-month option and get 1 entire FREE YEAR of PuzzleWiz Interior Generator https://puzzlewiz.io/ PLUS Access to the Book Bolt Academy Private Training lead by Neil, one of the Founders of Book Bolt. This will cover research, backend keywords, and creating the types of books that are currently selling. This will take place on 4/15/2020 at 11am MT/ 1pm EST.
===>>> Bookbolt.io
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Promotions coming up soon and yes, we will have special bonuses for each one:

===>>> Today : Easy Online Income - a really nice PLR bundle - look for the promo from us on this one later today - this is SUCH a timely topic right now - and I think you you will like our bonus for the upsells!

===>>> April 16: Google Smart Ads Mastery - great PLR course on mastering the new Google ads

===>>> April 17: Justin Popovich has a "Dealing with Criticism" bundle out this weekend, and we WILL be offering a special bonus for it. I think this is another very timely product to be offering our lists as close quarters is going to cause short tempers and criticism from folks that are normally critical.

That's enough for now - have a wonderful day and stay safe, distant and SIP if possible!

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