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If you have been receiving our newsletters for a while, then you probably have gotten quite a few 'freebies' from us, everything from coloring pages to planner covers. You've probably also noticed that we share a lot of great content and resources that we find without posting an affiliate link to the product. And someone called us out on it yesterday! Yep, one of our readers pointed out that we could be monetizing our content better because several articles that we recommended recently had affiliate programs that we should have been promoting, instead of sending you to a 'plain old link' to read that great article.

And she was right, there were affiliate programs available, but the content was time-sensitive, and I thought bringing the content to your attention was more important. But whether it's content we create, or content we find, we will always strive to bring value to your inbox. I never want to be the email that gets deleted without a glance because you KNOW it's nothing but a giant sales pitch! And even when we do "pitch" - we always try to add value with our bonuses ;-)

If you have an upcoming project, event, or giveaway, and would like a custom or 'limited release' product, please do not hesitate to ask! We love working with you, and are always happy to do what we can to help make your event a success, from special products to promoting with strong bonuses.

Now - on to the reminders for some great deals!

This one ends at midnight tonight:
Cindy Bidar, Queen of Getting Stuff Done, has just released her new Practical Productivity for Online Entrepreneurs. I am sure you are very familiar with Cindy, and know how prolific she is when it comes to releasing new content....but did you know she writes it all herself? Yeah, I know, it's mind boggling! Get a peak into her brain and process flows, and a HUGE discount now by using code: GETMOREDONE (ending tonight!)
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From Lynette over at Thrive Anywhere comes her latest workbook, Cultivate An Abundance Mindset Workbook. This has been a tough lesson for me. I know that it is an issue deeply rooted from my childhood, but even knowing where it came from, getting into a mindset of expecting and enjoying abundance has not been easy - but it HAS BEEN LIFE CHANGING!! If you are not 'there' yet - you need this! With PLR, of course!
Take $10 off coupon code: ABUNDANCE (thru 12/23 only)
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Also ending tonight at midnight: From CoachGlue.com - I think this name sometimes makes folks think that their content is ONLY for Coaches, and this is SOOOOO not true! Their latest PLR offer is going to hit home with a lot of you (it did for me!): It's a huge Book Writing Bundle, that covers everything from writing that book to get it out there! Use it for a 30 day challenge, a new course or even a membership site! This special deal is only good through midnight tomorrow!
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Chad Eljiser's Creativity Unleashed:
This is a crazy awesome product and the 're-purposing' possibilities here are amazing: you can easily create a planner, challenge, workshop or course - or all of these! It includes a 10,000 word rebrandable book, 21 day challenge, 7 articles, an autoresponder series and 7 articles. As of right now, it's only $12.95 There are 3 upsells which are all excellent - but you can do a LOT with just this bundle.

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