Weekend Vibes by DigitalistDesigns
Yea! It's Saturday - and that's the day every week where I dive in and clean the whole house from top to bottom!! ROFL - just kidding with 'ya. Not happening, too many other things I would rather do. My philosophy? No house ever came to a woman's funeral to say thanks for all the hard work to keep it shining. My house is neat, (sorta) and clean (mostly) but you really don't want to eat off the floor. On the other hand, the grandkids know they won't get in trouble for dripping water on the floor when they come in from the pool or spill popcorn on the basement floor while playing Madden. It's a trade-off I am quite ok with...

And it leaves my Saturday free for stuff like this and for creating FREE Holiday/Winter coloring pages for you - so be sure to catch the Sunday newsletter ;-)

Today is Day 7 of the Coach Glue 12 Days of Christmas Sale - and this is one of their best workshop/courses, IMHO: Workshop: Money Mindset to Help You Soar

Yes, it's about money mindset but more importantly (at least to me) - it's about money BLOCKS. The nasty little things that creep into your thoughts at 3 am and undermine what you do the next day. It's the issues that undermine our self-confidence and prevents us from earning what we are TRULY worth...

Although this is marketed as a course to teach your tribe - if these are issues that you face daily, then you need the course for yourself, and you won't find a better one to use! Change your own course and then teach others to do the same! This course is worth every penny if you want to make massive changes for 2020 and finally reach the lofty goals you have in mind!

Use Coupon Code: 2019
Workshop: Money Mindset to Help You Soar
(only available until Midnight tonight!)

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Other specials to check out:
Angela Will's from LaptopLifestyle.com: Angel's new course, Embrace Your Vision for Life & Vision, is all about finding what really drives you and motivates you, because it is really rarely money that makes us do what we do! I joined Angela's Laptop Lifestyle University, and it is an amazing resource. This course is included, so if you have hesitated in the past, you might want to take a second look! Check it out here
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Alice Seba's newest launch is an 'over the top' Personal Development "Done For You Monthly Newsletter Club"
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That's it for now - I have to finish those free coloring pages for you for Sunday's newsletter!

Have a wonderful weekend!
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