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Cyber Monday is Here!

I KNOW your inbox is as bombarded as mine is but there are a few sales you might want to check out!

Note: If you are in the low content book niche, and want to make your journals and planners truly unique - adding great content is an easy way to do it and there are some truly fantastic offers today:

==>>> Day 2 of Lynette's 12 Days of Christmas features an INCREDIBLE offer from Piggy Makes Bank: For the next 24 hours ONLY, you can get ALL of the 30 Day Self Help Content Challenges Archives OR ALL of the 30 Day Business Content Challenges Archives they've created from January 2016-July 2019 for just $197 EACH! Each archive includes THIRTY 30 Day Challenges - that's 900 articles, 900 emails, 900 social media posts, 30 ebooks with the corresponding workbooks!! That's a 92% discount but ONLY for 24 hours!! Click here for Full Details!

==>>> Tiffany Lambert's lifetime access sale(THIS IS HUGE!!) - this is everything in her current store and all future products and she says she is never offering access at this price again. Knowing Tiff - she means it. Click here for full details

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From Ruthie over at Ritchie Media - her
"Low Content Resources" Membership is on sale for the lowest she has ever offered it:
Coupon code - SAVE100 knocks $100 off the price of the annual membership. You pay only $97 for the year.
Coupon code - SILVER10 knocks the price of the monthly membership down to $10/month. Get it here: "Low Content Resources"
(Offer good through Tuesday, Dec. 3)

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==>>> April Lemarr's 61% off sale at Niche Starter Pack runs through Tuesday, Dec. 2 - Use Coupon Code: CYBER19 to get the discount (and you can use it 3 times!). Just shop as you normally would and use the code at checkout - the link goes to a great article April just posted on using your PLR - well worth the read!

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Whatever you do today - stay warm, stay safe and have oodles of fun!!
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