(Special note: If you bought this last fall - this is the SAME BUNDLE back for 3 days!!)

Hi, Everyone!!

What many of you probably don't know about me is that my planner business is my SIDE HUSTLE to my main business. My main business is in the payment processing and fintech vertical - for almost 30 years I have worked with web-based businesses around the globe, helping clients find payment solutions and building custom platforms for them when needed. On a typical day, I probably am in touch with clients in at least half a dozen countries, which is pretty cool when you consider I am 65 years old, work from home - and am usually in sweats or workout clothes during conference calls ;-).

The downside is that I am often working across half a dozen time zones, too - and that sometimes means that I am on a call at 3am if the client is having a problem because it may be the middle of their work day.

So - enter my Side Hustle ;-)...it started out as strictly PLR content, because I do love to write, but then it morphed into the planner and journal business because this is simply so much fun to do - and very profitable! When I first started, I never dreamed that it actually would someday replace my main revenue stream - but it is GETTING THERE!! Every month it grows, and every month I invest back into my business and my training...and it grows a little more ;-) My little 'Side Hustle' will soon be my full-time gig.

The planner, workbook and journal business ticks all the boxes for me because it is buildable, portable and easily sustainable. It's easy to find ideas for my products, and every product I create can be sold in multiple formats and markets. It's the first time I have actually enjoyed working in quite awhile, to be very honest!

This week - for a very limited time - InfoStack has just re-released last fall's "SIDE HUSTLE" Toolkit 2.0. It's a collection of 29 courses and products all focused on getting your Side Hustle successfully launched. I am one of the contributors and included not only a great planner bundle but also TWO $25 CREDITS for any current or future products at PLR of the Month. This is not listed on the sales page, but you will see them when you download your products.

Two products to pay some special attention to: "Become an Etsy Shop Owner" by D'vorah Lansky and "How To Build A Business Around Your Blog" by Nina Amir. I think these 2 products alone are worth the cost of the bundle!

The bundle is on sale for $49, and then you are getting two $25 coupons, so you do the math!! You are actually getting $1 more than you are paying!! OMG - how can you afford to pass this up?!?! LOL....


Everyone should have a side hustle, whether it's just to add a bit to the vacation fund, buy Christmas gifts or to replace your main gig. Sometimes just knowing that you have alternative resources if your boss goes goofy and fires everyone some Friday afternoon can help you sleep better at night.

Whatever your motivation is - I just know that I love having a safety net.

An ever-growing safety net!!!
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