Local Businesses + Planners/Calendars = $$$$


You asked, and we are answering!

In our last email, we suggested different offline businesses that are great potential clients for your new Planners, Journals and Calendars - and we were totally blown away by the response! We had a massive spike in sales and more than 40 emails from customers asking if we were going to do any 'industry-specific' Design Element add-ons!

So...after some serious brainstorming, the answer is YES! We are going to put together Desing Element Add-ons to the basic Toolkit. Each will consist of industry-specific planner templates, backgrounds and design elements, and you will be able to buy them individually so you only get what you WANT and NEED!

Just reply to this email, and give us your ideas! Industry, page type, whatever you want, and we will start working on them!

=> 'Drag & Drop' Do-It-Yourself Planner Toolkit

ALSO - everyone that buys the 'Drag & Drop' Do-It-Yourself Planner Toolkit will be getting the first new Template and Design Element bundle this weekend, (I think it is going to be a salon bundle!) as a big thank you for all of your support for this launch!

If you have not picked it up yet, you still have time before the Early Bird price goes up!

=> 'Drag & Drop' Do-It-Yourself Planner Toolkit

But hurry - the price will be increasing by $10 (minimum) when it launches to the public!

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