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There's a really good giveaway going on right now, Build Your Successful Online Business, that I don't see too many people promoting, but you should check it out as there are free goodies from lots of people that you know: Justin Popovic, Daniele Fiori, Ellen Finkelstein, Timon Vinke, and even moi' (yep, a free planner and coupons just for this giveaway).
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If you haven't signed up for Angela's new ebook "Shining Through Their Struggles". This is a HUGE collaborative effort lead by Angela, and it is an amazing compilation of personal stories from the members of her Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity. If you need any proof that women are amazing - or want an extra shot of motivation to 2020 in the ass this year - you really want to read this! AND every profile has a special offer, discount of freebie for you ;-)

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And from Wordstream - a fantastic roundup of their top 19 articles for 2019: everything from the newest Google ad updates to Linkedin, you want to be sure to check this out: "Our Top 10 Posts of 2019"

And last but not least....

As our way of saying thank you, we want to give everyone a
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There are so many great deals right now - we may have another update later today!

Have fun whatever you do today!
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