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Hi Everyone!

Carpal tunnel is totally not fun but coping with it as best as I can! Just wanted to remind everyone that the monthly Members planners have been uploaded to your Members area - and it's a big bundle! There are 3 different formats of dated daily planners, which include July - December, 2019, and a full 2020 12 month calendar. There are 7 different Design Kits, which include 3 front covers, 3 'frames' that can be used for interior pages or back covers. There are also 9 different Title Banners for your cover but also can be combined with the frames for an interior 'This Belongs To' page.

Access them in your Member account here:

The new planner will be available for sale to non-Members very soon - just have to finish the sales page and bonuses.

With 3 planners, 4 interior options, 3 covers and 9 title banners in each Toolkit - the options are amazing!! And then it gets even better when you consider than each Toolkit can be used for a 6 month 2019 planner, a 12 month 2020 planner and a full 18 month 2019-2020 planner!

The planners are in PDF, Pages, and Word, and the bonuses include a new batch of mandalas which will be uploaded tomorrow. There will also be a very rare upsell when the full package launches shortly which will include a 'done for you option' of pre-formatted PDF interiors ;-). A BUNCH of them ;-)!!

And of course - bonuses ;-) New coloring Mandalas and my very own original Cat-dalas or Man-Cat-as? I have no idea what to call them but they are fun and cute, and you are getting some very soon!

There were a lot of really great launches that I missed this week because I was so focused on getting this planner out, and my apologies to everyone that I was not able to support this week - I hope to be back on track soon!

Have a wonderful evening!

P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!!

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