Hi Everyone!!
So someone reached out last night to see if all was okay, because I haven't been promoting my new planner very much...and my response was that I have been busy herding cats this week. No, really...we have been herding cats for the last 3 days.

Here's the story: We live on 5 acres, just a few minutes from downtown Cincinnati, and a (very) feral Mama Kitty decided our garage was the perfect place to have her kittens - all 6 of them! So, we've been keeping them safe and well-fed until they were weaned, and we could find homes for them. Unfortunately...catching kittens in a 4 car garage is not easy....especially when Mama Kitty is not thrilled with the idea! LOL - I won't go into all of the details, but suffice it to say, it has been a busy week, and the kitties are all happily placed with new families. Thank goodness....

Because we barely promoted the new "Summer Fun Family Planner", we are extending the Early Bird Special through Memorial Day, so you have until Monday to get it at the discounted price.

We added more coloring pages so the total bonus coloring pages is now 45!! And yes, this includes full PLR, so you can add these to your planners or create your own coloring books. These pages are 'kid friendly', too, with jungle animals and flowers.

Use Coupon Code: $10OFFTOOLKIT8
(yes, the coupon even works for the Monthly Membership!)

Our new Summer Fun Family Planner includes 25 different templates for everything from packing checklists to reading lists, and calendars to keep track of summer festivals and the kids sports events.

My favorite templates in this planner are the "Top 10" lists, the idea being that everyone fills out their Top 10 lists for the summer. These lists are not the usual either ranging from "The Top 10 Things I Want To Learn This Summer" to "The Top 10 People I Want To Visit This Summer".

No, this is not your usual summer planner - this one is designed to create conversation and engagement with your kids and family ;-)

And the images above are part of the bonus coupons (12 in all) - how fun would it be to have coupons redeemable for a day fishing or a picnic at your favorite park? A family ice cream social or a day at the beach? Use your imagination and come up with all kinds of fun activities - or let the kids decide their reward for a task or chore completed?

PLUS - major bonuses!
• 60 gorgeous all-new banner/title templates, in a variety of styles and colors,
• 12 adorable summer coupons you can use for anything from fun activities to rewards
• 45 Original coloring pages - Jungle and Flora Mandalas that are fun for almost any age that can color (more or less) inside the lines ;-)

And if you are a member of the Planner of the Month Club -
you get 2 additional theme kits!
Check it out here:Summer Fun Family Planner
Use Coupon Code: $10OFFTOOLKIT8

Enjoy the weekend - stay safe and have fun!
P.S. You can reach us by simply responding to this email - we actually do respond!!

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