Hi, Everyone!!

Well, I guess maybe I should have stayed away from the computer for a little while longer yesterday as I forgot to mention yesterday's FREEBIE AND forgot to mention the bonus for the Side Hustle Toolkit!! Sheesh!!!

Oka, first up: yesterday's promised freebie: a new Design Kit that you can use as you want: Design Kit Freebie Full commercial and PLR rights with it so have fun! This includes 5 graphics like the above, 300 DPI and suitable for either cover or interior pages. Have fun!

Yesterday I wrote quite a lengthy newsletter about my own 'Side Hustle' adventures, and told you about a new bundle of goodies called the SIDE HUSTLE TOOLKIT 2.0
(Rather than replay the whole story here - you can read it online if you want: Newsletter October 15, 2019))

A couple of important notes I left out:

1) Two names that are very well-known and highly respected that most of you are familiar with - Lynette Chandler and Connie Ragan Green - both have great products in this bundle and 2) I FORGOT TO MENTION THE BONUS WE HAVE FOR THE BUNDLE!!! SO......we are adding 3 additional Design Kits for the planner in the Side Hustle Toolkit. Each will have 3 cover design variations, an interior page and 3 title banner templates. This will never be available outside of this bundle. Once the sale is done, the bonus templates will be retired ;-)

The bundle is on sale for $49, and if you wait a few minutes on the site - you will get a chance to buy for $5 off.....and then you are getting two $25 coupons for our planners and stuff, so you do the math!! You are actually getting $6 more than you are paying!! OMG - how can you afford to pass this up?!?! PLUS THE BONUS DESIGN KITS!!
(Sheesh - I mean I know I was sick for a couple of days, but I really thought the brain fog had cleared better than that!!)


Again - apologies for the muck-up - but I was truly one sick puppy!! All better now!!

Have a wonderful week and conquer your world!!
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