Hi, Everyone!!

As you may recall, last week I mentioned that I had purchased a couple of products that I had not had time to really take for a spin yet, and so I did not include them in the reviews. I am a little funny that way in that I rarely will feature any product unless I have a) used it and thoroughly tested it or b) am really, really comfortable with the creator of the product.

Now to the title of this newsletter - the focus of most of our readers is PLR, and specifically, Zero or No Content products such as Journals, Planners and Calendars, and probably a lot of you don't really consider yourselves 'Affiliate Marketers' because you only focus on marketing this very narrow niche of products. And to be honest - until I developed carpal tunnel and have had to cut back on my product creation, I was the same way.

But over the last few weeks, I have expanded my list building efforts into other niches, and my income has sky-rocketed!! And you know the most amazing part? I am using my planners and journals as lead magnets AND bonuses in other verticals, and it's working like a charm! The blog planner works great in the IM space, the "Level 10" workbook is a total hit in the Personal Development niche etc. I could go on but you get the picture!

I admit I have been on a buying spree the last month - you seriously do not want to know how much I have spent - but I've come up with some gems. I tend to like products and services that are a one-time purchase rather than monthly fees, but that is personal preference.

But the bottom line? Using my planners and journals as lead magnets and bonuses for other verticals has probably tripled my list building efforts in the last few weeks and skyrocketed my income! So if you aren't using your PLR planners and journals like this - give it a try because it really works because these are ORIGINAL products with a much higher perceived value in the market place ;-)

So here are a couple of products that I have purchased lately that I really like and are very helpful in this process - and bonuses to help you make the most of them!

High Ticket Hijack PRO: This is just launching today, but I've already had a chance to check this one out, and bought it as soon as it launched. While it offers a huge selection of pre-built offer pages and funnels, you also have the ability to customize almost everything and still pop out a full funnel from lead magnet to high ticket offer in minutes. Huge time saver for a one time price! WARNING: It IS a long funnel but you also get AGENCY RIGHTS today!
BONUS: Send me your receipt and select ANY single planner from ANY Toolkit on PLRoftheMonth.Club so you have a great product to use for a lead magnet!

HydraVid Pro Marketing Software
I have been a big fan of Walt Bayliss for years, and am thrilled with the recent release of the 2019 version of HydraVid. If you do any video marketing at all you need this: create videos in minutes, not hours, schedule your videos for live shows on FaceBook and YouTube AND submit your videos to 40 high traffic sites. If you are not using video yet - this will be the tool that gets you started! Includes an awesome keyword research tool, and a lot more. Check it out here: HydraVid Pro Marketing Software
BONUS: Send me your receipt and select ANY single planner from ANY Toolkit on PLRoftheMonth.Club so you have a great product to use for a lead magnet!

And last but not least - 2 very affordable winners:
43 EPC Exploders by the truly legendary Matt Bacak - I LOVE this because while the iconic Matt is selling a product on how to make more money - his funnel only 3 products in it - not 33. As of this am - this was $7.45.....you cannot go wrong with this one!

This is a really low-cost GEM: Affiliate Rebill Riches. This is a list of 253 programs that you can promote for long-term recurring revenue, which is the Holy Grail in affiliate marketing. Worth. Every. Penny. Yes, you will know some of them but I found a lot that were new to me, and definitely appropriate for some of our clients.

BONUSES...of course!

Purchase 43 EPC Exploders or Affiliate Rebill Riches and send us your receipt:
if your total purchases are $25 or less: get a $15 dollar coupon or...
if your total purchases are $26 or more: get a $25 dollar coupon
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Enjoy the rest of the day!
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