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Hi, everyone!

Today is going to be a long and busy day! Bob and I are making homemade tamales for the family dinner on Christmas Eve, which is also his youngest son's birthday, so it's a BIG celebration every year. Making tamales will take most of the day as we are doing both carnitas and chicken - I had the pork in the over at 8 am to slow roast all am, and will be making the masa dough shortly. Being raised in Southern California, these kinds of foods were part of my diet for as long as I can remember, but they were all pretty new to my Ohio family 20+ years ago! But the whole family loves to cook, so this year we are doing a fajita bar, with tamales and tortilla soup, too. I can't wait - I may not eat for two days before ;-)

Cooking is one of the ways I take a break from work - it clears my mind and I enjoy it immensely! What do you do to clear your mind? What are your fave hobbies or past times?

And tonight, if the weather allows...we will probably mask up and head to downtown Cincy to see one of our fave annual events: Santa, Rudolph, and two of his elves rappel down the side of an office building, followed by a huge fireworks display. It's silly and cheesy and we love it ;-)

Yeah. I have never quite grown up...and not looking real good for it to happen anytime in the near future either.


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A Special Shoutout...

To Vanessa Hodge! One of the original members of the Kitchen Sink Mastermind and a participant in multiple (maybe all?) KS events - Vanessa just published The Birthday Address book on Amazon:

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Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 9.00.07 AM

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Screen Shot 2021-12-16 at 8.14.09 PM

Wedding Planner

Jan's VA Kareen just got married, so they decided to release this gorgeous WEDDING PLANNER!
  • a beautiful ready-made cover with editable text, 2 blank covers, and 3 background options
  • PLUS 45 unique pages
  • in US Letter and A4 to cover international home printing requirements
  • Powerpoint (.pptx) source files provided
  • CANVA Templates also included so you can use whichever tool you prefer to make your planner your own
What you will receive
  • A PDF ready to use decorated planner
  • The Canva and Powerpoint (.pptx) source files (decorated and plain templates) for your printables
  • 2 covers and 3 background images (PNG 300dpi)
  • Details of the fonts (all FREE for commercial use)
  • Everything in US Letter and A4 sizes for worldwide home printing
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Wedding Planner

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Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 1.04.08 PM

How To Use The Tarot

From Gabby of, comes a new Tarot Planner and a great bundle of content - and I have a HUGE bonus for this one too!

This Done-For-You Package Includes:
  • 5 Blog Posts
Topics Include:
  • How to Get Started with Tarot (601 words)
  • How to Read Tarot Cards for Yourself (574 words)
  • How to Read Tarot Cards (522 words)
  • How to Use a Tarot Card Spread to Make the Most of Your Life’s Decisions (600 words)
  • 5 Tarot Card Spreads for Improving Our Lives (808 words)
You Also Get:
  • 1 Cover Design in Canva, PowerPoint (PPTX) – Sizes include 8.5×11, 8×10, 6×9, A4 in color
  • Planner Templates (25 interior pages) in Canva and PowerPoint
  • 1 Cover Background
  • 1 Watercolor Background
  • 4 Gold Tarot Vectors
  • PLR / Commercial Use Rights
Bonus: Buy EITHER Planner option and get the following in your member area at Cup Of Zen:
• 5 Crystal Covers with descriptions of the stones and their uses (see sample above!), • • 5 Chakra covers.
(These are not new but not many of you probably have these as they were from last year)

How To Use The Tarot

From Matt Garrett
20 Different Source for Legit Side Hustles!!

This is so timely - this week Debbie Gartner, one of the top revenue-earning bloggers, shared in her newsletter that she had several side jobs that provided some stable income while she was getting her blog up and producing revenue! Whether you are looking for some side income to sustain you while building your business or you want some quick cash by Christmas - here are 20 different sources put together and vetted by long-time and trusted resource, Matt Garrett, that are legit and just might be what you need to get 'over the hump'!


This is Perfect For You If You:

  • Need a way to cover living expenses
  • Want a way to work AROUND your current busy schedule
  • Are just starting your online biz and need a 'Side Hustle' to bring in some stable revenue while you get going
  • Are a stay at home parent needing to bring more into the household
  • Want extra revenue to leverage into other business opportunities
Full details here:

20 Different Sources for Legit Side Hustles!!

And now off to finish up the style guide!

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