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Saturday! Saturday!!!!!

And I am spending it clearing out the upstairs, which quite honestly - is not at all fun. But the roof work needs to get done before the snow hits which could be any day now! I've lived all over the US - and every place except SoCal will tell you how unpredictable their weather is - but here in Cincy - it's actually true!! I HATE cleaning house - but at least the end result will be a good one - a water-tight roof again!!

I've also run up against some rather unethical behavior by other online businesses in the last few weeks and I find this very annoying. One was especially disturbing as it was the usual "post this free content and make money with it" type of offer that we are all used to seeing every week. The standard format is a well-written blog post that will promote a product of the author's at the end, and if the reader buys, you, the affiliate, get a commission.

It's a very soft-sell approach, and one that I really like because the articles are generally very well-written and very informative for my audience. It's a win-win for everyone because the author/product creator is getting traffic, my readers are getting good information and I may make a few sales.

So today I was reading an article that fell into this category - "Post this article and make money" - and was sent by someone that I have promoted in the past. with this method. The article was one that really resonated with me. I was just grabbing the link when I finished the article and realized that there were 10 links in the final paragraphs of the article and NOT A ONE WENT TO THE AUTHOR'S OWN PRODUCTS.

Incredibly, every single link went to a third-party service the author was promoting...which meant that I would be promoting this person's content and all revenue generated by my work would go to the author, along with adding a few names to this person's mailing list...

Now, yes, there IS the possibility that the reader might surf around on this person's website and find something to buy....but then again....with 10 services promoted in the article, the odds were really good that the author was going to make a few sales.

I am hoping that this was not done intentionally but this is a seasoned marketer, so I cannot imagine that they did not know what they were doing...then again, we all have those moments.

But, there are also a lot of new people on this list, and I am afraid that someone will see this offer and think that this is an acceptable practice! I want you to know that this is NOT the way you treat Affiliates! Your affiliates are precious and should be treated like the gold-plated assets that they are!! This is NOT the way to do it!

And please - do not ask who the marketer is. I will not share the name - but I will soundly denounce the methodology!!

Rant done ;-)

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And back cleaning out the upstairs!

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