Good Morning!

Earlier this week, I featured an article from the ahrefs.com blog titled "How a Viral Loop on LinkedIn Got Me 76k Email Subscribers in 1 Month". I was seriously intrigued by it and decided to set up my own, and see how it goes.

So...I put together a very visually appealing header for the article, and offered the reader their choice of 6 different planner themes in exchange for their email addy. The article was formatted very much like the examples in the ahrefs article, requiring the reader to comment yes, and give up their email addy in exchange for their download gift.

I then posted my giveaway to the 50+ relevant groups that I belong to on LI.

Total time for Article Creation (including creating the header) and Group Posting: About 2 hours.

As of right now - about an hour after I finished the group postings, I have 3 new subscribers, which is probably 3 more than I was expecting this soon!

I think it will take a few days to see any real results, but at least it is set up and rolling! I will probably dig in deeper on the tags used on the other promos in the article (why did I just now think of that??) but at least I took action and it's up and running.

I will report back over the next couple of days/weeks as we see how it goes.

In the meantime, I purchased the new software that creates videos from your Wordpress blog posts. I currently use a software that is $37 per month, and does not have automated voiceover capability like this one does, so I am anxious to see if it works. If it does - I will be cancelling the monthly and will send out a promo later with a good bonus for you as well.

But until I know it works - no promo from me!

Rock your day like the champ you are

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