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Hey, everyone!

Yep, I have been MIA for a couple of days. That booster shot that I had almost two weeks ago? Thought I pretty much sailed through with a little headache for a couple of days...NOPE!!! Starting getting sick a week ago, felt like I had a mild cold for a couple of days, and then it hit! BAM! Saturday - Monday, hitting the cold meds, nasal spray, and sleepy, as in could barely keep my eyes open. Cancelled a Zoom to SLEEP!! Sneezing and a dry cough made any quality sleep pretty much impossible. So, I had to pick and choose the tasks to work on and that meant Summit first, and everything else, came in second, including the newsletter.

And a big thank you to everyone that promoted the 2 new planners while I was down and out - and some of you made some serious bank!!! I love seeing the payments go out to affiliates - and I have to admit that although it costs quite a bit more to go through W+ - the automated payments to the affiliates were really nice this week!!

It also pointed up something that I have wanted to address for a while and now seems like as good a time as any, with the Homepreneur's Adventure: Part 2 coming up (way too) soon, and that is the power of reciprocity.

Up until Bob's surgery, I made a point of really trying to promote product creators that actively promoted me - I kept a monster spreadsheet and made a point of seeing who was doing what and I tried hard to support those that supported me. When the wheels fell off last summer, I was so strapped for time that I fell into the habit of promoting what was most 'in my face', and these were not necessarily the same people that were promoting me.

And truthfully, I owe many of you an apology, because that is not being a "good neighbor", and once the Summit is done, I intend to improve on this, and you will see more promotions from me!!

There are also many that I will NOT be promoting on a regular basis, but rather only when I feel the new product is unique enough to warrant being brought to your attention - because although I (and many of you) promote these people on a regular basis - they do not return the favor. They are always 'booked' 6 months in advance so they cannot promote your new launch or your event, and one even told me that there was not enough ROI for her to take an hour to speak at our last Summit.

Okkkkaaaaayyyyyy...whatever. Note to self: Cancel that membership ;-)

But here's a point to consider: we work hard to build our lists - we do events and giveaways and bundles, create product after product so that we can see our lists grow month after month. And then, we write our newsletters, promoting the products of other content creators, as their affiliates, and we earn a commission.

That's great - but what if that content creator never promotes your products to THEIR list? Have you ever noticed that the first one or two promos were great and after that you saw no more commissions or drastically lower than the early promos?

When there is no reciprocity - you are basically handing over your hard-won list to someone else.

It becomes a one-way street where you are simply selling your list for a one-time fee.

In some cases, this is ok, because I know that if I promote a software product that I know you and I can use, there is a good chance the software vendor's audience is NOT going to be interested in my products. I am okay with that.

But when I have promoted another PLR creator for a year and see no promos in return? Sorry, no excuse for that, and I am tired of hearing excuses as to why I should be sending you business when you don't see fit to send any my way.

The bottom line is this: to my affiliates - a big thank you, and a big hug to you all! And if you are also content creators, expect to see more support from me in the coming months. I promise - and you have my permission to nag me if I don't ;-)

Well that was longer than intended, but I needed to vent LOL


The Kitchen Sink Mastermind
Thursday, October 14, 3:00 PM
Your login details are in your member dashboard! Not a member? Free to join - the link is on every page here: PLRoftheMonth.Club

And of course - the topic will be the upcoming Homepreneur's Adventure: Part 2

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and that is it for tonight - but I WILL be back tomorrow - and the PLUS new planners will drop late Friday afternoon - and this will be a fun workshop too!! A cool technique to teach you for new cover looks!

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