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Hey, everyone!

Today has been a very hectic and unproductive day for me - a lot of demands on my time that did not result in things getting done, but that happens from time to time, doesn't it? That little thing called 'life' happens while we are sooooo busy making plans LOL!

As I am sure you have heard by now, a very well-known fellow Content Creator lost her account with MailerLite yesterday - and they were not terribly polite about it either.

This is a provider that we have discussed in the past, on the Kitchen Sink, and their support has even confirmed to several people (myself included) that they allow Affiliate Marketing - yet this is the excuse that was given to this business owner when she was informed that her account had been suspended. The sad part is that they are a great service with some good automations, templates, etc.

Like many other services - it DOES say that they do not allow their service to be used for Affiliate Marketing, yet they let affiliate marketers continue to use and pay for their service, until who knows? A complaint? A chance use of a certain word too many times? We will never know because they will not tell us...and yet, their support has confirmed time and again that affiliate marketing as practiced by most in our industry is just fine! And trust me - this marketer is NOT a spammer. This is one of the best and savviest marketers I have met in a long time - she is damned good at all that she does. She is not crossing the line in any way, shape or form.

And yet, instead of being treated like the respected business owner that she is - she shut down without a chance to plead her case. Guilty with not a chance to prove her innocence.

Interestingly, while looking through the TOS of today....I came across a link to the WordPress affiliate program.....and when I clicked on the link....the image above is what I found!!!


If shuts down their own Affiliate site for violation of their Terms of Service...what chance do us mere mortals have of complying??

Now that we have had our chuckle for the is an excellent article from MailPoet:

Am I a Sp**mer? 11 Signs You’re Sending Email S*am (and How to Be a Nice Sender)

and yes, I am being cautious so I used ** instead of spelling out THAT word ;-)

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Sorry for the late notice on this but Ida caused some last minute speaker changes, and I only received the final schedule yesterday...

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You have heard me say this before, but it is important so I will repeat it: If you want to succeed in ANY aspect of your life - learn from those that are successful in that area.

Debbie is a TOP affiliate marketer and I guarantee no matter who you are - you will learn some tips and trick from Debbie:
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One of the very first 'internet millionaires' that I ever read about made his money selling party favors and invitations online with his wife and this niche still continues to grow, year after year.

Stop and think about this: there was a time when independent card shops were all over the place - and where are they now? They were put out of business by the Super Stores (I know the sad truth of this - my hubby used to be a wholesaler in the card biz!) and then along came the online ecard services to just about finish them off.

But the demand is still there and people are tired of the high cost and limited selection available from most local stores!

Search trends for baby shower printables on Etsy! Over 40,000 average searches and that number is only increasing!

• Average monthly searches on Google for these other party printable categories: bachelorette party games with 14,800 monthly searches and wedding invitations with almost 3,000!

This niche is only going to grow as people continue to entertain at home more and more!!

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