It's Friday - Yea!!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks, but things seem to be calming down finally, and another 3 months, I should be caught back up again....just kidding. I think.

Valentine's Day was totally awesome! Waffle House did an AMAZING job, the staff was all smiles as they lead us to our table - white table cloth, red topper, a real red rose on every table, stemmed water goblets with fresh berries in the water, paper rose petals on the floor and they even went so far as to replace the lights over the counter with red bulbs for a lovely soft evening glow. The topper? They created a pink and gold heart 'frame' on the window and took pics of everyone....which are going to be printed and framed for us to pickup over the weekend. And of course - we will be eating there again when we pick up our picture! How's that for marketing? Well done, Waffle House!!

Today's Resource:
We have had so many of you reach out and ask for tips on where and how to use the planners, we decided to post some of the most common questions on our blog - and we will be adding to it!! We do not want you sitting on piles of digital dust!!

Since it is too long for the newsletter - here ya go:
I bought what do I do??

===>>> UPDATES!!

We just added TWO new Workbook Journal Theme Sets to the New Planner Toolkit #5: The 'Stay on Track' Workbook Journal. These are also now part of the SUPER BUNDLE - which now includes 10 INTERACTIVE journals, at a price of just over $5 per planner.

And this is not the usual planner - whether you want to call it "FILLABLE" or "INTERACTIVE" - this undated PDF Workbook Journal lets the user start their journey at any time of the year, and can be used on their computer or iPad, OR printed out, giving them full flexibility to use the Workbook in the way that best suits their lifestyle.

===>>>Planner Toolkit #5: The 'Stay on Track' Workbook Journal

BTW - If you have a credit from one of the recent promotions that you want to use, just drop me an email at and let me know what you would like to purchase, and we will get you taken care ASAP.

NOTE: The price for the SUPER BUNDLE increases Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend - get out and play!!
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