Hi, Everyone!

After bashing gremlins for the better part of two weeks, I think we squashed most of them, but no thanks to any of the software support peeps that we have been dealing with. Unfortunately, it meant that we wound up having to deliver download links manually to most folks, and that is just NOT the perfect customer experience. BUT - it also pushed me to make the decision that I had put off for a while, just because it is going to be a monumental task to move all of our products over....but (drumroll, please!) - I just purchased AMember and those AMAZING folks there even installed it for me! I wish everyone that we deal had this same level of support!

This means a couple of things: 1) We will have our own self-managed affiliate program, so you can promote all across the website, and make a commission on every purchase your referrals make, and 2) Anyone that purchased the Work Less, Do More bundle and opted for the $35 credit will be getting an 'official' credit for future purchases by the end of the week. I just gotta figure out how to do all of this first LOL! But, I am VERY excited about this big change in our business.

More news on our new affiliate program once we are all set-up, but I am totally pumped!

Today's Uber Useful Resource: I have a confession: I am Wordpress theme junkie. Serious issue. I have memberships with 4 different theme development companies, but I have a special fondness for Divi, and almost anything from ElegantThemes. They also have a GREAT newsletter that covers oodles of topics, both Wordpress and non-Wordpress, which I read daily. So - in our quest to get more products created in a shorter period of time - here's a phenomenal round-up of The 10 Best Speech to Text Tools to Speed Up Your Writing Process. Awesome read and covers both free & paid options ;-)

And that brings us back to this: The Work Less, Do More Productivity Bundle closes tomorrow at Midnight EST. As many of you have confirmed - the Quuu Promote credits are worth more than the cost of the entire bundle! Between Quuu and Cindy's Content Planning Workshop (which is also a PRODUCT planning workshop), your 2019 could take on a whole new life ;-)

BONUS ALERT: Buy from my link and you will have
your choice of any TWO Planners from Toolkit #4
a credit for $35 to be used for anything ANYTIME on our site.
Buy the UPSELL - and you get BOTH!!

And yes - you can use your credit for our next product, launching Monday -
The Fillable Workbook Journal with your choice of 8 different themes.

===>>> Work Less, Do More Productivity Bundle

Have a wonderful weekend - stay warm and dry!
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