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Mentally....this is where I am...

In reality...it's me against the cicadas....
and I think they are winning

Hi, Everyone!

The. Cicadas. are. everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!!!

LOL I am now realizing how lucky we were the last time they invaded! But they don't bite and they are not eating the plants. They are just looking for love in all the wrong places like the birdbath, the car, my hair....arrggghhh....

We had a lot of errands to get done today, and everything took longer than it should have and I have to admit that it does seem strange being out among people again. Technically, today was the day when people can go without masks in OH, but many businesses still are requiring them and we definitely wore ours. We did go out to lunch today and wound up eating indoors as it was monsooning again, so outdoor dining was definitely not an option today!

I have had a number of readers reach out and ask about a new email program that was launched a few days ago, MailSquad, and whether I purchased it, and/or recommended it. In fact, so many asked about it that I thought I would do some serious checking on the product and address my findings here:

First off, I have not bought it, and I do not know the people behind the product, so I cannot and will not recommend it. It has sold more than 1,000 copies on WarriorPlus BUT my concern is that there is no information on the sales page about who the Sellers are and their profile on WarriorPlus says that they have been on the platform since January 2020 - but the profile is blank and this is their first product launch. I also checked out their website AND their Facebook page and there are no names or faces tied to this group anywhere that can be easily found.

Now the price is only $14, so you could just say 'what the heck do I have to lose?" and dive in, under the misguided premise that all you are risking is $14.

But what you are REALLY risking is your entire business. Your livelihood. YOUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET - YOUR LIST!!

We have no idea who these people are or what their long-term plans or capabilities are from a technical and financial standpoint. If they just made $100k+ - are they really going to put that into the business to keep it running long-term - or are they gone in a few weeks? That's a lot of money, and I have seen this happen for a lot less....

But to me, the scariest part is something that few think about: Your email provider has access to your entire customer database. Can you trust them to treat it as your confidential information and priceless asset?

This may be a stellar company and this may be the deal of the century - but without knowing who is behind this, I am making a strong recommendation of 'STEER CLEAR'.
Your email list is too valuable to cut corners and put it at risk, and this offer is just too 'blind' for my comfort.


I DID buy Matt Garett's new course Next Generation Affiliate 4 (Extreme Traffic Edition) - I have not had time to go through it but will do so tomorrow to let you know what I think. Matt is one of my two 'go-to' WordPress guys, and he only rarely does a course, so I am anxious to go through this one.

I am hoping the traffic methods are things we can do together through June and July ;-)


Have You Seen These??


Screen Shot 2021-05-29 at 9.07.46 AM

'5 Days...5 Dollars'

This is a unique mini-event with 9 individual offers,
each for only $5
!!! The best part is that you can buy only what you want for just $5 each and these are awesome full-on PLR products!

Here's a peek at what you can pick up today:

  • Jan Small of SimpleHappiness.biz - Summer Bucket List Templates (value $27)
  • Jenn Brockman of PlanningAddicts.com - Blue Planner Pack (value $16.97)
  • Stephanie Hansen of WildflowerDigitals.com - Mosaic To Do Checklist Daily Planner (value $17)
  • Michelle Farmer of PLR Niche - 2021 Sweet Horse Planner PLR (value $27)
  • Helen Ross of ILovePlanners.com - Kids Alphabet and Numbers Coloring Book (value $27)
  • Sue Fleckenstein of CreatefulJournals.com - Goals and Resolutions Journal (value $19.95)
  • Katrina Willis of BlueWren PLR - Pretty Pink E-book Templates (value $20)
  • Ruth Bowers and Jenn Brockman of UsePLR.com - How To Do Research for Your Niche (value $27)
  • ME!!! PlanneroftheMonth.club - 25 Original Planner Covers (value $47)
  • Ruth Bowers of Ritchie Media - White Label Coloring Journal Templates, vol. 3 (value $37)
Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 7.25.23 PM
In case you have not noticed - Connie Ragen Green is EVERYWHERE! She is on Amazon, she speaks at every oodles of conferences (including the first Homepreneur's Adventure), and without a doubt - she practices what she preaches! This has been her signature course for a couple of years now, but Connie is different than other course creators: she updates the content and holds LIVE sessions on a regular basis, open to all that have purchased the course.

Her next live session is this coming Saturday, and yes, I will be in attendance. Connie is one of the best and most generous teachers you will find.

“Syndication Optimization” Will Teach You:

  • How just one content syndication strategies has earned her more than 100K over the past 12 months in additional revenue and income.
  • A One-On-One Mentoring Session With Connie…to Be Completed By the End of December, 2021 (this is worth far more than the cost of the course!)
  • Your Training Guide – 20K Words/More Than 60 Pages – Where I Share Everything You Need to Immediately Embark on Your Journey to Becoming an Effective Content Syndicator
  • A Detailed Addendum (15K Words, So Far) Containing Additional Lessons, Resources, and Updates for Each New Lesson – We’re Coming Up on Lesson 13!…So Far
  • Video Demonstrations of How to Initially Syndicate Your Content on the Internet for New Entrepreneurs
  • LIVE Followup With Connie During Our One-on-One Consultation to Discover How You May Amplify Your Skills
  • Additional and Bonus Ongoing LIVE Webinar Trainings (June 5th, 2021 is the next one!) on Relevant Topics to Flesh Out Your Knowledge Quickly
  • How to publish a single piece of content each week and have it serve you for years to come
  • Why using PLR (private label rights) content is a smart way to increase your content output
  • When to ask others to create content for you and to have them excited to be included
  • How to freshen up your years’ old content and bring it back to life as part of your syndication queue
Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 6.55.18 PM
Carmen is back with another new Canva Course to Learn Making Printables and Editable Templates From Scratch!
Design and Create Planner, Coloring Page, And Kid Activity Printables
with Canva Like A Designer!

  • 20 Over-the-shoulder and easy to follow video lessons
  • Teach you how to design and create high demand printables from scratch using easy to use Free Canva program
  • Show you step-by-step how to incorporate a color palette in the printable design
  • Detail lesson with visual examples on the proper use of commercial use clip arts to create a printable to sell
  • Behind the scenes design process and effective workflow that Carmen uses to create planner printables, habit trackers, to-do lists, coloring pages, alphabet tracing pages to sell.
  • Convert a printable to an editable Canva template to make a higher profit
  • Convert a printable to a fillable PDF to make a high in demand customizable printable
  • You will take away with everything you need to know to start creating beautiful printables and Canva templates to sell online
Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 7.19.34 PM
Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 7.23.05 PM
This is a great one-time fee alternative if you are using the monthly Premium Loom option! And this is HUGE: this will let you host off of YouTube so your customers are not going to be shown your competition's ads!
  • Set Up 100 Client Accounts
  • Video Creation, Hosting, Management
  • Screen-cast Video Recording (with Screen, Audio & Camera Recording Simultaneously)
  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Recording Mode
  • ​​​​​​ ​Webcam Video & Audio Recording
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Add Call To Action To Videos
  • ​​​​​​ ​Monetize Channel with Video Ads & Earn Per View (No Selling)
  • 7 Theme Colors

See ya tomorrow!!
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