Yes, it's THURSDAY!!

LOL - so, something happened and my last newsletter - which was scheduled to go out last night...which was still WEDNESDAY....went out this morning. Thursday. Oops....and as many of you pointed out....today is Thursday, not Wednesday. You are right but it's the Gremlins fault, not mine. That's my story and I am sticking to it!!

Freebie Alert - I was going to save this for next week - but I just read it and it was too good to save: From Hubspot again - a guide to "Supercharging Sales At Tradeshows and Conferences" - great tips that you can also use if you do Meetups or other local meetings, too. That is not an affiliate link, but you do have to register to download - but well worth the effort ;-)

Many of you have asked about the various products, services and tools in Lynette and Cyndi's new Work Less, Do More Productivity bundle because some of the names are not known to you, like they were with the Low Content Resource Bundle.

Personally, these 3 products alone were worth the cost of the whole bundle to me - everything else is just frosting on the proverbial cake:
==>> Work Less, Earn More Workshop by Angela Wills (this woman is one of the pioneers of the whole 'Laptop Lifestyle' concept - totally admire her!)
==>>Lightning Fast Launches: Create and Launch a Digital Product in a Weekend by Cindy Bidar. (Sigh...I totally needed this, and it is a great course if you are a) a procrastinator or b) try to do much for every product launch. Whether you have never launched a product or a seasoned vet - this will help you get more products on the market faster!)
==>>QuuuPromote Credits: Promote Your Content To Influencers - I mentioned this in the Wednesday newsletter (whenever you may have received it) - the credits are worth $40, the whole bundle is only $27 - and you are getting a $35 credit with us if you buy through my link. All I can say is - Quuu is fantastic and this is an incredible deal.

BONUS ALERT: Buy from my link and you will have
your choice of any TWO Planners from Toolkit #4
a credit for $35 to be used for anything ANYTIME on our site.
Buy the UPSELL - and you get BOTH!!

===>>> Work Less, Do More Productivity Bundle

Stay warm and have an awesome week!
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