It's Wednesday already??

Ok, I admit it. The gray weather finally got to me today, I have been yawning all day and sucking up coffee like there is no tomorrow...it's just one of those days here in Cincy!

If you read my emails regarding the Work Less, Do More Productivity Bundle a few days ago, you may remember that one of the things that I was most interested in was the Quuu credits - so I had to pass along an email that I just received from Lynette Chandler and her Quuu experience: The first day that she submitted the post to the Quuu 30 day rotation, it was shared over 100 times, and eventually went on to be shared almost 1000 times with more than 350 clicks! That's a 36% clickthrough rate which makes me feel silly getting excited with the usual 7% rate on most Facebook promoted posts!

Quuu normally costs $40 per month to promote ONE piece of content - but in the Work Less Do More Bundle you will get 2 credits from Quuu Promote. These 2 credits will let you advertise two of your best pieces of content for 30 days (each). The Bundle is only $27 and this is just one of the oodles of great deals you'll find in there!

I know that this is supposed to a 'productivity' bundle - but personally, I really loved the marketing tools in the bundle, as traffic is always my biggest challenge (sorry but I just never seem to get any decent results from my Facebook ad campaigns - frustrating - I think it would be just as effective to just donate the funds to FB!!). Quuu is just one of the great marketing tools included!

BONUS ALERT: Buy from my link and you will have
your choice of any TWO Planners from Toolkit #4
a credit for $35 to be used for anything ANYTIME on our site.
Buy the UPSELL - and you get BOTH!!

===>>> Work Less, Do More Productivity Bundle

Stay warm and have an awesome week!
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