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My Brain Has Too Many
Hi, everyone!

Another very brief newsletter - today was packed from beginning to end, and gotta call Mom in Florida yet tonight so I can get her grocery order! LOL She is 87, lives on her own, and is caring for her little furry companion, a rescue Yorkie mix named Murray, who just had surgery, so it's back to grocery delivery for the next couple of weeks! And of course, she hates computers so guess who has to take of the order from Cincinnati for her? arrgghhh.....

Today was our first session of the Digital Planner Workshop for the folks that purchased the Homepreneur's Adventure Premium Bundle. We had a great turnout, and a LOT of great questions - and my little orange kittie thought she should be front and center during the Zoom...sigh...the joys of being a Homepreneur!

And...the promised templates are uploaded, with more to come before the next session, April 30th! DO play with them between now and then, and come ready with more questions. You can access them via the same link for the Planner templates.

And the next session we will get to dig into some of the FUN stuff ;-)

And I promise a good beefy newsletter tomorrow as I get back to some traffic stuff - we will look at how to do a bit of basic SEO planning for your blog that will increase your organic traffic, which is ALWAYS a good thing because it is truly TARGETED visitors ;-)


D'vorah's 25% Off Sale Ends Tonight!!

We have done several group sessions based on D'vorah's courses, and we have learned SO much from them! I have most of them now, and still find myself going back time and again to review and refresh. But D'vorah does more than just teach the basics - she has a way of looking at things with a fresh new eye that gets your brain cells jumping with new ideas and enthusiasm. A BIG recommendation for any course that fits your future path forward!

Here's just a quick list of her courses - you will find lots more on her website:
  • Create Content in Canva
  • Discover Digital Planners Workshop
  • Creative Ways to Create Calendars
  • Become a Digital Shop Owner 2.0
  • Pinterest Course
  • Create Printable Products Course
  • Kindle Creation Challenge
  • Digital Workbooks Workshop
  • Content Creation Challenge

  • Bullet Journal Basics

Use CELEBRATE25 at checkout to get
25% off anything on her site!!

====>>> ShareYourBrilliance.com


Change Your Mindset for
Greater Success Workbook

Lynette has carved out a very unique and successful niche for herself and she makes it easy for you to piggyback on her work! Her workbooks are uniquely designed to walk your clients through a series of questions and prompts that will gently guide them to the place they need to be or address the problem they are struggling with.

The Change Your Mindset for Greater Success workbook is designed to help people gain awareness of their negative self-talk, create a structure to build positive self-talk and generally stop sabotaging themselves. The package includes:
  • 1 x workbook
  • 5 x dividers
  • 3 x professionally edited mockups
  • 30 x social media blurbs
  • 10 x social media images
Use coupon code MINDSET to save 50% through Tuesday, April 20

BONUS: 5 additional covers and matching divider/interior background pages. These will be in your account at ThriveAnywhere Sunday


Bonus Is Ready!!!
Jay's Zodiac Tome Bundle!!

This is a huge bundle, which is not readily apparent when you first visit the sales page - so be sure to scroll down and see all that is included! I LOVE designing for anything in the zodiac, universe, crystals and metaphysical niches, and I have a HUGE bundle of goodies that I am putting together as a bonus for this one!

BONUS: These have all been used as bonuses for other products over the past 18 months - You can see them all HERE!!

Buy either one of the front end offers and you will receive:
• 5 Astrology Cover Designs
• 3 Crystal Cover Sets (Each set inc. Cover, Title Banner & Interior Background page)
• 3 Tarot Cover Sets (Each set inc. Cover, Title Banner & Interior Background page)

Buy the Bundle and get all of the above PLUS:
• 12 Zodiac Coloring Pages
• 15 Universe Covers
• 10 Matching Title Banners
• 5 Tarot Covers

These are completed and ready for delivery! Unfortunately, there is no way to upload the bonuses for the different options in WarriorPlus, so please send your receipt to [email protected]

Jay's Zodiac Tome Bundle!!


Have a wonderful evening!
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