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I'm Done Adulting Let's Be Unicorns
Hi, everyone!!

Ah, if only we could right?? I just want a rainbow ponytail and to leave a trail of teal glitter wherever I go!

But then there are days where, in spite of the continuing saga of tech and email glitches, the day actually goes pretty well because of the amazing group of people that I am fortunate to be working with!

And that amazing group would be the peeps over at the Kitchen Sink Mastermind! We just wrapped up our first Homepreneur's Adventure Virtual Summit, and guess what??

The Homepreneur's Adventure: PART 2!! is about to open for Contributor and Guest Speaker applications!! The applications will be open next week, with a deadline of May 1 for Speaker applications and May 15th for Bundle and Swag Bag Contributors.

This will be a true CURATED bundle event, with a strong emphasis on new products. This is NOT focused on PLR and/or Low Content products (we will leave that to Ruthie and her July event!), but rather this is open to ALL aspects of starting, running, and building an online business!!

We are putting together two product review committees - one for the Premium paid bundle and one for the Swag Giveaway Bundle!

So, start working on your ideas and products, and whip those presentations into shape - cuz this one will be even better than the first one!

Registration will open early next week for speakers and contributors!!

Zoomin' Around...

• Friday, April 9th is our first NFT meeting!! Check your WarriorPlus account for the meeting details!! If you want to pick up the NFT report from James Renouf - you can still get it here.

As a group, we will come up with a plan to explore, create and hopefully earn from this new digital art-based Crypto token!

If you picked up the Homepreneur's Adventure Premium Bundle - we will be meeting for the two Digital Planner Workshops April 16th and 30th! Check your Premium Bundle PDF for the link to the Workshop page. You can download your PDF from the member area at VirtualEventsUnlimited.com

• No date yet - but will schedule soon! The Newsletter Template Creation Workshop! Shooting for the end of next week, just need to confirm another meeting....

And Jimmy Brown is in the house...

If you have been hanging around the PLR space for any time, there is a good chance that you know who Jimmy Brown is - in fact, he is generally acknowledged as the person that actually coined the term 'Private Label Rights' and pretty much created the entire niche industry of PLR (thank you, Jimmy!).

Jimmy has just launched his new PLR training course, Content Creation U, at the silly 'no brainer' price of only $9.99 a month, and YES - I joined!

Every 30 days for 12 months you’ll get a 50-70 page module consisting of 10 lessons to help you create content faster, easier and better.

Here's what the first module covers:
  • Three Ways to Create Crowd-Pleasing Content Every Time
  • The 3-Step System for Teaching What You Already Know
  • The Golden Rule for Getting Read (Pssst, It Just Worked On You)
  • 4 Ways to Write Original Content That Stands Out From the Crowd
  • The 3-Part System for Beginning Your Content With a Bang
  • 11 Questions to Ask When Your Content Flops (to Fix Things Fast)
  • The #1 Way to Level-Up the Perceived Value of Your Content
  • The #1 Shortcut to Content Creation That the “Best of the Best” Uses
  • 8 Things You Must Include to Create a Successful Piece of Content
  • The Surest Way to Make Your Customers Happy When They Purchase Your Content
74 Pages Of “No Fluff, No Filler” Training!

And there are OODLES of bonuses too!

===>>> Check it out here:

Content Creation U

Be sure to pick up the free report "Write Like A Pro - 8 Cheat Sheets"



Yes, I bought it, played with it this am and I think this one is a winner!! If you purchased either one of the recent Pinterest Courses by Kristie and Becky (Pinning Keywords Made Easy & Pinning The Future) you will know that video pins play a big role in their success - but I hate PowerPoint and really wanted something that would create something a little 'splashier' than the typical PPT vid.

This IS a bit pricey but I really like the wide variety of iPad/iPhone video mockups that I can use for digital planner videos for social media. I think these will be very "eye-catching", will showcase my digital planners better, and goes along very well with Kristie and Becky's recent results with video on Pinterest. And I also like the fact that it is a one-time fee, and the developer Scott Oldham has been around for a long time (I think I bought my first program from him 5 years ago?)

===>>> Check it out here:



WP Exit Traffic Pro

I have been waiting on this one for a while as the nearest competitor is part of the very expensive Optin Monster plugin - for $348 per year!! This little baby pops up when your visitor is about to leave your site and lets you show them pretty much anything you want:

You can use ANY URL. The page or offer you show them doesn't need to be on the same domain, so you can use any link, offer or optin form! (Try to leave the sales page and see what happens! You will love it!)

• WP Exit Traffic Pro is compatible and works perfectly with all WordPress themes and page builders. Install it on all of your WordPress or WooCommerce sites.

Unlimited Site License lets you Install On Unlimited Domains with 12 Built-In Animated Effects

===>>> Check it out here:

WP Exit Traffic Pro


WP Search Crawl

We tend to talk a lot about list building because it's something that we can do as a GROUP...but don't ever forget about ORGANIC traffic! Every single day, even when I do not send out a newsletter, I still make a few sales, and I get new subscribers, from people that literally trip over my sites online.

One of the plugins that has been helping a lot is WP Search Crawl by Mark Hess & Michael Thomas - I have been using it for a few months on several sites and I have definitely seen a difference because it makes sure that everything is getting indexed!

This is what this little gem does for me:

See exactly when Google and Bing last visited your pages

• Ping Google and Bing in 1-Click - Click a button and ping them in 1-click. Let them know you added new content, freshen up your site, or you just want them to pay your site a visit - the bots arrive lickety-split

• Newbie Friendly and Super Easy To Use Using this plugin couldn't be any easier...
No complicated settings, it's easy no matter your level of WordPress expertise (or not!)

===>>> Check it out here:

WP Search Crawl


WP Fresh Post SEO

Have you ever arrived on a website and been dismayed to see the posts are dated from 3 years ago? Chances are you immediately left - and guess what? That is EXACTLY what the bots from Google and Bing will do! This plugin makes sure that your titles and posts are ALWAYS updated and appear current to both visitors and bots, so you will get extra love from the bots and your visitors!! Super important if you have any kind of content on your site!

===>>> Check it out here:

WP Fresh Post SEO


Pinning Keywords

From Kristie Chiles and Becky Beach, this new course is the perfect complement to their recent release, Pinning The Future. If you are still floundering and confused by Pinterest keywords, this course is the ultimate resource for finding "Low Hanging Fruit", a term that is used to describe Keywords that are searched for 5 million times (according to Pinterest) by people who are about to BUY something. In this ALL-NEW VIDEO Masterclass, you will discover how Becky and Kristie are getting AWESOME KEYWORD & PRODUCT IDEAS INSIDE OF PINTEREST.

BONUS: 20 ORIGINAL Digital Papers with Full Commercial Rights (will be available this weekend in your WarriorPlus account)

Get it here:

Pinning Keywords


That's it for now - have a wonderful evening!
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