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Hi, everyone!

As I told some folks today - I am starting to feel like an 8th-grade science project with the second COVID shot effects! This morning I rolled over in bed, landing on the COVID arm which still had a lump like half of a hard-boiled egg, and was immediately rewarded with a sharp pain radiating out from the injection site. I was a little ticked off as it was one week today and so I was thinking the soreness should have been receding. Imagine my surprise a short while later when I discovered that the lump is now 95% gone! I don't know if there was a small cyst formed at the injection site or ?, but it seems to be getting better!

And still no fangs, and no more drooling than normal, so all good with the second shot!! So, yes it is a bit nerve-wracking to get the vaccine given the short time frame for testing, but I remain glad that it is available as another close family friend's father succumbed on Friday. So, friends, please stay safe and stay masked, and please consider getting vaccinated!!


Drumroll, Please....
And The Winners Are...

The winners of the two Camtasia/Snagit bundles ($275 value!) are:

Richard Bennett

Michelle Rushing

I will send instructions tomorrow on how to redeem your prizes!


Thank Goodness for Wordfence!

Now about that not-so-cute graphic up there today - those stats are the number of times that 'someone' has attempted to login into my website in the past month through "brute force" - 25,150 times!! Brute force means that they tried multiple variations of password and username combinations, usually over a short period of time. trust me when I say that these peeps do not have good intentions in mind when they try to do this!

These are not customers that have lost their password, these are bad guys trying to hack their way into your site for a variety of reasons: some will hack in to send massive spam emails for viagra or gambling sites through your domain, some will do it just to destroy your site and leave their own nasty message in place of your beautiful website (trust me when I say it is NASTY!), and there is an entire new 'cottage' industry of folks that will take over your website and hold it hostage until you pay the ransom. And, no, they do not just go after the big corporate websites because those guys have strong firewalls in place and they may have lots of money - but they also fight back. They are now focusing on the little folks like you and me.

Most of the 25k+ hits were over a 3-day period. Wordfence (the free version) stopped them. I do have the settings set higher than the norm now since this happened, and I am checking the stats daily to see what I need to change or update in the settings.

Sucuri is another similar plugin and if you are running a WordPress site, it is just not worth the grief of not having this protection. Both have free versions and can be downloaded from the WordPress repository, and take only minutes to install and configure:

Sucuri: https://wordpress.org/plugins/sucuri-scanner/

Wordfence: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordfence/

Please - if you do not have one of these on your WordPress site - get it done ASAP!!


My bonus for the TWO programs below:

I had originally offered this for Cindy's course, but I am opening it up to anyone that picks up ANY of the paid upsells to David's free webinar! I have had quite a few people ask for a walkthrough of creating a 'pretty' newsletter with the typical newsletter editor.

While there are some differences between them, they are all more or less the same. So - let's do a walkthrough on creating a newsletter template in your newsletter or autoresponder software so that you have your own template that you can use every day! We will go over adding images, some quick ways to create cute headers for your newsletter (yes they do work!), snippets of HTML that sometimes come in handy, how to do quick product reviews, and whatever other questions that you might have!

Buy either course through the links below and send your receipt to [email protected] (and if you already purchased from my link - you are included too!!)

Free Registration Extended!!

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If you saw the opening presentation last week of the Homepreneur's Adventure Virtual Summit - David and his daughter, Jennifer, hit it out of the ballpark! And overdeliver?? It was pretty incredible what they managed to pack into 60 minutes - I cannot even imagine what we will learn in 2 full days!

Don't out on this rare chance to spend two days with David Perdew!

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**NEW**Email Marketing Campaigns

Speaking of Emails, it's the best way I know to build a business and a CONSISTENT revenue stream - and Cindy Bidar is an expert at this! In her brand new course, Email Marketing Campaigns: How to Fill Your Calendar With Engaging Offers That Get Results, she's showing you exactly how she:
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Cindy is one of my 'go-to' people for the practical/grunt work side of this business as she has built a 20K per month business with no VA, or staff of writers. It's because of the SYSTEMS she has in place ;-). This is the one membership that 'makes the cut' every month ;-)

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I picked this one up and am amazed at the volume of content here - deal of the year for written content, by far!

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And tomorrow - Tutorial Tuesday!!!
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