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Simply WOW!

That's all I can say about yesterday's presentation from Ray Preston, VP of Sales for Flippa, the largest website buying/selling platform in the world. The Q&A was so informative as Ray answered everything we threw at him with knowledge, patience, and transparency.

This was such an amazing event to kick off our Site Flippers Working group - I got zero sleep last night as my head was spinning with possibilities!

I will have the video uploaded later today, so look for a second email from me, and this will be available to everyone, and trust me - you do not want to miss it.

I am also putting together a list of tools and resources for the Site Flipper's group members and should have that done in a couple of days. I am including tools and software (free and premium) as well as great articles as I come across them.

And...as promised - I will have my calendar squared away today and maybe we can have a quick plotting and planning meeting Friday afternoon while the call is still fresh in our heads??


The Kitchen Sink PLUS Workshop
2:00 PM EST
Members only live workshop - please check the January download page for the Zoom details!


==>It's Outta Here....LAST CHANCE!

  • New Year, New Habits Bundle is done at midnight tonight! 40+ products with a combined total of approx $1600 waiting for you for only $37! MY BONUS!! There are several "Prompted" Journals in this bundle - Buy the bundle through my link and join me for a live Workshop, where I will give you 3 templates to use to turn your printable prompted journals into DIGITAL versions and show you how to use them. Black and white templates, 30, 60 & 90-day journals, fully hyperlinked, and ready to use! Check it out here: New Year, New Habits Bundle

  • Valentine's Day Design Elements From Steph of WildFlowerDigitals.com. These gorgeous design elements will save you OODLES of work at an affordable price. Why DIY when you can outsource to Steph?

==>The Quick List (aka TL;DR)


==> Need More Details? Read On.....

  • The Low Content Comeback
    I've always liked Julie because she is straightforward and transparent, and her courses are just solid actionable information and this one is no different - twice a week, a new Workshop will drop, showing an 'over-the-shoulder' look as Julie shares every step she takes starting and growing a low content product business FROM SCRATCH (and WE get to follow along and copy her strategies and techniques!).

    This is great for newbies and pros alike because she's sharing the strategy she ACTUALLY uses in her business - one that gets her results that include:

    ~ Regular KDP payment notifications
    ~ Regular "cha-chings" from Etsy saying new sales have been made
    ~ Regular emails saying new affiliate commission has been made
    ~ How to QUICKLY and EASILY create low-content products and get them up for sale IMMEDIATELY!
    ~ SUPERCHARGE your business by creating MULTIPLE STREAMS of INCOME...all with LOW CONTENT PRODUCTS that are QUICK and EASY to create!
    The Low Content Comeback

    This is something that I am seeing more and more on websites - QR codes! Use them to make it easier for customers to pay or add a loyalty program!
    ~ Cloud-Based Mobile Rewards Membership Creation
    ~ Gift Card System Generator
    ~ QR Code Technology
    ~ DFY Gift Card Templates
    ~ DFY Rewards Templates
    ~ Email Marketing Integration
    ~ POS & Payment Processor Integration
    ~ In-App Tutorials & Knowledge-Base
    ~ Cloud eCommerce Rewards Stores
    ~ Viral Referral Tech.
    ~ Commercial Rights - Sell as a Service

    If you struggle creating bonus pages - then you really want to check this out - it's a one time cost for many of the same features of those high-priced page creators - and it's been around for years, so it's solid and reliable. This newly updated version includes:
    ~ Bonus Library To Store Your Bonuses - The bonus library also saves download & access information to automatically build out your bonus delivery page.
    ~ Drag & Drop Promotion Page Builder
    The second you've finished editing you can be first to market and start promoting your page - includes Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & LinkedIn sharing options for you to use immediately for instant traffic.
    ~ Automatically builds a hosted bonus delivery page for you, simply direct your buyers to this page and they can access their bonuses.
    Start Promoting & Sharing Fast!

  • GPTok -
    From a Top 10% W+ software developer, Mosh Bari comes this new AI-powered trend/keyword research tool that quickly creates TikTok videos for massive traffic. And yes, I bought this - just the FE which is only $15. I have been communicating with Mosh for awhile now, as he is a top software vendor on WarriorPlus, so I am anxious to play with this! GPTok includes 350+ hot niches or use it to find your own, creates keyword-rich videos and matching captions - and it works on just about ANY device!!

    List Building & Content Marketing Edition
    This includes access to 2 of their courses: 10 Minute List Building Tasks and 10 Minute Content Building Tasks.
    BUT....the goodness does not stop there:
    You also get your choice of PLR up to $200 value. If you are not familiar with their PLR - it's truly awesome ;-) and it is one of only 3 PLR memberships I have kept over the last 3 years.

    And the deal also includes:
    Two 30 minute Live Q & A calls via Zoom AND you'll be able to submit your questions each week AND 24 emails to help you get your butt in gear!

    It's only $50 and you are getting 4X that in PLR PLUS the courses - I give this one the 5 star "Bargain of the Day"!!!

    Check it out here: The Making Bacon Challenge: List Building & Content Marketing Edition


Back later this afternoon with a time a date for the impromptu Site Flipper's Meeting!


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