Seriously - could YOU have turned that little face away, in the middle of a snow storm??

Nope, we couldn't either. Of course, I was only going to keep her until we found her people...but no one ever responded, and so 4 years later, she is quite content with her 2 equally-striped 'sisters by another mother'. To say that our 3 little ones are spoiled is an understatement. They are not 'like' members of the family - they ARE members of our family, and judging by the emails today, many of you share that sentiment.

Which means...so do a LOT of other people!!

The response to Amanda Craven's, huge Cat Care PLR bundle, has been so good that we are adding to it: Buy the front end package and you will get the Pet Care Planner, Pets & Pastels, with PLR/commercial rights bundle as a bonus!


If you pick up any of the upsells, we will send you a $10 coupon good for anything at PLRoftheMonth.Club, good through the end of June. If you already purchased an upsell, and claimed your first bonus, just drop me an email and we will get the coupon out to you ASAP.

The Pets & Pastels Planner had some GREAT bonuses with it (such as the desktop mock-up scenes and more than 100 backgrounds!), so this is a huge bonus package and a phenomenal opportunity to get into a very profitable and FUN evergreen niche at a very low entry cost!

Amanda Craven's Cat Care PLR
Bonus: Pets & Pastels Planner!

Just buy through the link below and send me your receipt! Oh - it's on a dime sale so price is going up, this is a sooner rather than later purchase if you are interested and want the best price! And....if you already have the Pets & Pastels Planner, we will be happy to substitute another product of equal value.

Amanda Craven's Cat Care PLR
Bonus: Pets & Pastels Planner!

And as promised some really good articles from around the net today (no affiliate links - just good stuff to share!):
1) Online Writing Resources Every Freelance Writer Should Know About
Maggie Linder does sell a great freelance writing course - but her site also offers a wealth of great info and resources. Sign up for her newsletter - you will learn a lot and not be hammered to death with useless sales pitches.

2) Sortd - This is not an article but a nifty little add-on for Gmail. I run most of my newsletters through my gmail account to keep my business email (semi) clutter free, and really have become quite dependent on it. The free version is limited but still lets you create up to 3 lists to drag 'n' drop sort your email, snooze a few, and manage tasks. The Pro version is only $6 a month and adds more than enough functionality to keep your Gmail account organized quickly and easily. I have not yet reached 'inbox zero' but it could actually be a reality with Sortd!

3) Scrivener VS Word: I had quite discussion on the merits of these 2 'competing' softwares the other day. Personally, I am a huge Scrivener fan, but I know that many folks are just as deeply planted on the Word side. This is the best article I have seen so far that compares the two. BTW - be sure to sign up for the free ebook on getting more traffic to your Kindle books!

And that's all she wrote for today!!

Have a great Saturday!

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