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Ok, so AI can write my content....but let's get to the important stuff...

Can it make a decent espresso?

Hi, everyone!

Still sneezing and coughing but getting better - hay fever season is here in all its glory!! But, of course - still online and still working, just not zooming around! Pollen counts are dropping already though so should be fine in a couple of days.

Today's topic is an important issue right now, so without further ado....

Google's "Helpful Content" Update...and Why You Need to Understand It!

Google's new Mantra goes something like this:

  • Make it easier for people to find helpful content made by, and for, people
Yes, this is the focus of Google's latest rollout - it does NOT override their core SE guidelines but it will affect how some of them are 'interpreted' by their system. Content that is too perfect, over-optimized, or blatantly AI-generated, is going to be hit and some feel it is going to be a hard hit.

Sites that are not well siloed with focused and authoritative content - written for human eyes not the SEs - are apparently going to take the heaviest hit.

And we need to be aware of this one because it is focused on these industries:
Online Education, Arts and Entertainment, Shopping, and Tech

Hmmmm....yep, I think most of us will fit into at least ONE of those categories....

From Google itself - just before the official rollout on August 22:

What creators should know about Google's helpful content update

Google Search is always working to better connect people to helpful information. To this end, we're launching what we're calling the “helpful content update” that's part of a broader effort to ensure people see more original, helpful content written by people, for people, in search results. Below is more about the update and things creators should consider.

Focus on people-first content

The helpful content update aims to better reward content where visitors feel they've had a satisfying experience, while content that doesn't meet a visitor's expectations won't perform as well.

If you have attended any of my SEO Zooms, then you will know that I always, always stress that you write for HUMANS FIRST and Google second. Google has for eons now stressed user experience over commercial value, which means content written for people, not algorithms.

Yes, I use SEO plugins - but I write the article FIRST and then use the plugins 'tips' to improve it in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) but I never use any suggestion that changes the context, makes it un-readable or over-optimized.

If you are using a plugin with a scoring system, at this point, you are probably better off staying in the 80% to 90% range rather than shooting for 100% as Google may view your efforts as being 'over-optimized"

AI-generated content done in massive amounts are also going to take a heavy hit. Sites that use tools like Jasper to create 500 pages of content overnight? Watch them plummet in the rankings, just like those software-generated 'rank and rent' 10,000-page sites were nailed by the Penguin update a few years back.

Using Jasper or Content Gorilla or other similar tools to write your first draft? As long as you remember the concept of putting the reader first and keep the style informative and helpful, I think we will be okay. And ALWAYS use a tool like Copyscape to make sure that your content is truly original!

And of course - all of this is conjecture at this point, because although the 'experts' are predicting mayhem as always - it will take a while for it all to shake out and see what Google really wants and expects from us.

In the meantime - continue to create great, user-friendly HELPFUL content and you should be ok ;-)

Resources for more info:

Quick Update: Meet The Content Creators

Updates went out last night if anything was missing ;-) Affiliate links will be going out to the participants early next week!

And we are launching on WarriorPlus so open for all to promote!

Featured Today - TL/DR version:


Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 10.57.47 AM
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12 Canva Fillable Templates from Sasha Hutchinson


Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 11.13.17 AM
Border Art Designs - Mix n' Match Bundle Pack
Another gorgeous and creative new product from D'vorah! This new set is a 'mix and match' bundle of border designs - use them to create new stationary products or dress up your planners, journals, notebooks and more!

Border Art Designs - Mix n' Match Bundle Pack


Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 10.59.24 AM
WP Fast Dash
If you are like me, you're wasting more time than you realize waiting for things to load on your WordPress site.....or I WAS until I started using WP Fast Dash

The plugin works right out of the box to speed up the backend of your WordPress-powered sites - all you need to do is upload the plugin, activate it, click a few checkboxes, and you're good to go.

This also includes a kind of techie speed tactic most people don't talk about...an OPcache checker. When you have OPcache activated on your site/server WordPress loads up to 3 times faster (mine is super fast now!). It was easy to set-up as the plugin will check to see if your host

In 1-click you can test if OPcache is running on your site. If the test comes back negative, Mark and Michael actually give you copy & paste text you can use when submitting a support ticket to your web hosting provider to get OPcache activated on your server. ;-)

Bottom line - this WORKS!!

WP Fast Dash


Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 12.57.31 PM
7 Figure Launch System

Love him or hate him - you can't deny that Michael Cheney knows what he is doing when it comes to launching! I freely admit that I watch his videos in small bits over a week or more, but I always come away with pages of notes too.

And TBH - the bonuses are worth the price of admission to this one - at only $9.95 - you really can't go wrong. This is full of gems - just please!! - actually go through this and put it to use. Don't let this great info sit unopened!! (And yep, we all do that!)

7 Figure Launch System


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