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Today was the first Workshop in The Digital Planner Intensive series - 6 total! And what a fun session! 100+ in attendance, and the chat box was BOUNCIN'!! It is SOOO mcuh fun to do these things when you have an engaged and interested audience! And the questions asked were great - insightful and imaginative, and I am going to be adding some things to the planned agenda based on the Q&A today!

BTW - this IS an evergreen course and as I add new material, it will be available to everyone currently enrolled ;-)

If you missed the Early Bird enrollment pricing - I brought it back for one last hurrah but it ends at midnight tonight, and then it goes to $97. Ultimately it will be $147, which is a great deal for everything that is included, and a ridonkulous deal at $47 ;-)

Use INTENSIVE50 at checkout to get $50 off the current price until midnight tonight!


It lands Monday, June 13!!!

One of my favorite bundle events - second only to Ruthie's!! - is BC Stack, organized by Dan and Rachel, of BloggingConcetrated. Dan has an uncanny knack for bringing together truly unique and interesting people and content, for an internet marketing education you won't find anywhere else.

This year's event includes 65 courses full, digital marketing "how-to-products"
and master classes into one Kit covering pretty much everything you
need to know to succeed online:
Digital Product Creation - Book Marketing - Audio Products - Blogging -
Video & Live Streaming - Email Marketing - Monetization -
Facebook Ads - Memberships - Event Planning - Private Label Content -

AND...This year BC Stack is also a 30-Day Summit where experts will be on Facebook Live to tell you more about their product, and answer questions, PLUS they are doing a workshop on how to get the most from Stack.

AND they're giving away ten $500 Business Grants . . .

Register today to get on the Early Bird list and to lock in your bonus:
It's BC Stack - OF COURSE, I HAVE A BONUS!! Prime planner selling season is right around the corner for 2023! Be prepared with a COMPLETE 2023 bundle: Digital Planner, Printable Planner, and Lead Magnet - all different, unique designs but color-coordinated, so you can sell as a bundle! Full commercial use rights! PLUS: I will do a SOLO email to my list (11k+) for your next product - anytime in the next 12 months!!

P. S.
Want to promote the Stack?? Find your affiliate link under the Early Bird Registration!
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AffiliateMatic is the exact opposite of AI created content that Google is slapping down right now - and is the easiest and fastest way I have seen in ages to create an affiliate site!

George Katsoudas, aka "The Greek Geek", has been around FOREVER - I have probably every plugin he has created, but he went quiet for a while and last week he reached out and shared his latest project - and it is a doozy!!

George's newest plugin creates blog posts optimized for search engine and social traffic but it comes from content created by his own team of native-American, English-speaking, college-educated writers, who then also add images, and videos and makes sure it is all formatted correctly!

You can then monetize the posts as you want or follow their suggestions for top-selling products - it's your choice.

    Yes, I still recommend that you add your own 'personality' to everything, but I picked this up to get some of those domains I have sitting around doing nothing up and making some money quickly!!

    I love this one - big recommendation!
    Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 7.08.24 PM
    Selecting your niche is an essential part of creating a successful business but one that is so easy to get wrong! Fortunately for us, Jan is actually quite good at this ;-)

    This Niche Planning Kit contains a process for selecting and validating the perfect niche for you and taking the first steps in planning products and content.

    This kit has:
    • a beautiful ready-made cover with editable text, 1 blank cover, 3 background options, and a belongs to page
    • PLUS 48 pages
    • in US Letter and A4 to cover international home printing requirements
    • Powerpoint (.pptx) source files provided
    • CANVA Templates also included so you can use whichever tool you prefer to make your planning kit your own
    What you will receive:
    • PDF with ready to use printable pages
    • The Canva and Powerpoint (.pptx) source files (decorated and plain templates) for your printables
    • 1 cover and 3 backgrounds (PNG 300dpi)
    • Details of the fonts (FREE for commercial use)
    • Everything in US Letter and A4 sizes for worldwide home printing
    • Commercial PLR license to sell your finished product (see PLR TERMS below)
    Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 5.15.46 PM
    It's rare that you see a planner that is truly unique and totally COMPLETE like this is!! From long-time Kitchen Sink member, Jamie Emm comes this
    What you will receive:
    • A ready to use Family Moving Planner in PDF format
    • The decorated PowerPoint (.ppts) source files for printables
    • 1 cover and 3 background images (png 300 dpi)
    • Links to the fonts used in a Read Me file (free for commercial use)
    • All formats come in US Letter and A4 sizes
    • Commercial PLR license to sell your finished products (see PLR TERMS below)
    And I am off to rest a bit and then get working on all of the goodies for the Intensive peeps!!
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