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Tacos Are My Spirit Animal
Hi, everyone!

As some of you may know, I was born and raised in Southern California and blessed to have been raised in a wonderfully diverse neighborhood. Mealtimes have always been an adventure and I learned to cook my favorite dishes at an early age. I even learned how to make lefse - something that few outside of Minnesota or Norway will be familiar with! - because my stepfather's grandparents moved to the US from Norway when they married.

For those of you not 'in the know' - lefse is the Norwegian version of the tortilla ;-)

When I first moved to Cincy, good Mexican/Latin food was impossible to find (TacoBell does not count) except in my kitchen ;-)

22 years later the local food scene has caught up and we are off to spend a couple of hours listening to wonderful spirited music and enjoying some amazing food - and I admit that a margarita (or 2?) may be involved ;-)


Woot Woot!!
The main reason that I get to take some time off this afternoon is that I finished and uploaded the very first 2023 Dated Digital Planner!! This is the bonus for those of you that purchased Ruthie's Low Content Bundle through my link - so check your download area at RitchieMedia.ca for your download details!

And trust me - finishing the coding and linking for the new dated planner is ALWAYS a reason for me to celebrate!!

New designs will be released soon for public sale - both 2023 Dated and Perpetual undated planners :-)


PLUS Membership Update!!

The price has been lowered on the PLUS membership to $27!! If you have not been billed yet for April - just cancel your membership in your PAYPAL account, and sign up HERE

If you recently paid for the month of April, you can cancel now, and sign up again around the 15th of May at the new rate. I will also be refunding you the difference between the old rate and the new rate over the next few days ;-)

Sign up HERE for the NEW $27 price!!

YES!! I am finally going to do it...

And a big decision has been reached - since so many have requested this - I am going to be teaching a Workshop series on creating Digital Planners from start to finish!

I am working out the dates right now, and how long I need to allocate to the Workshops, but even if you do not want to create your planners from scratch - this will help you to customize and work with the templates too.

I see so many things being taught that make the process more difficult, or not a good way to do things if you want to sell as PLR...or just plain and simple misinformation! ...that it's time for me to get that course moving forward!

And I promise you will not need to mortgage the farm or hock the cat to pay for it either. I will make it realistic for both of us ;-)

Last Day For Launch Discount!

Free Affiliate Funnels

As a content creator, it can be tough to create and launch enough products to actually get your bills paid and keep a roof over your head - so many of us use affiliate marketing to supplement the sales of our own products. And if you find the right evergreen products - you can create a long-term revenue stream that can be pretty much hands-off over time.

Kevin Fahey's latest release, Free Affiliate Funnels, you get access to 10 complete funnels (every page, flow, and breakdown) which combined are responsible for $536,004.53 in revenue! Kevin's goal is to provide you with hyper-effective marketing funnels and give you literally everything you need to be able to convert your traffic, grow a massive email list, and generate commissions on demand - month after month.
These are literally the funnels Kevin has personally used to generate $563,004.53.
Each funnel will have a free offer on the front end and low ticket, mid ticket, and even recurring upsell as part of the funnel…
There are also follow-up emails, and OVER 80 offers in the backend funnels which you’ll be cookied for!

And yes, I jumped on this one ;-)

Free Affiliate Funnels

FREE!! Epic Blog Post Pack

From Sharyn at ContentSparks.com comes a new "Epic" Blog Post! So very timely considering how much time we have spent recently on SEO!!

Strategically applying some basic, simple SEO tactics is all it takes to get on the front page of Google - even easier thanks to recent algorithm changes with the Big G!

You can use this as blog content, a quick video, or even an optin report for your readers!
Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 3.31.46 PM

Pixal 2.0

This is the 2022 updated version of one of the best animated HTML5 banner/ad creators I have ever owned!

This latest version includes more than 1000 templates PLUS live training - here's a sample of the types of creatives you can make:
  • Swiper Banner
  • Billboard Banner
  • Foldable Banner
  • Carousel Banner
  • Rollover Banner
  • Scratch Banner
  • Expandable Banner
Be sure to use coupon code: pixal10off for $10 off at checkout!!

Pixal 2.0

Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 3.09.26 PM
From our very own Kitchen Sinker - Yasko! his gorgeous brightly colored Financial Planner comes with Commercial Use Rights too!

LOVE the colors and personality of this one!

Check it out here: 3 Month Money Success Digital Planner
And to all - Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!!

Have a wonderful evening!
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