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and sooner or later it arrives ;-)

Hi, everyone!

Spring is here at last - blue skies, dogwood blooming, lily of the valley popping up all over, and azaleas coming into full glory!!

I am steadfastly ignoring the 60 mph winds threatening to blow the house away and the carpenter bees that are trying to eat it....they are NOT part of my reality today 🤣

What is part of my reality today is getting caught up on all of my projects and commitments! I am still not fully recovered from whatever it was that Bob and I had, and definitely dealing with what I would consider 'secondary' symptoms, including fatigue, and vertigo (whee as the room spins round and round when I get up too fast!). And, unfortunately, it's caused a few other issues to crop up, so still not able to get back to my usual hyper-productive self, and that is frustrating to me.

But it seems like there is pretty much always something to be frustrated with, doesn't it? LOL I am sure most of us could sit down and rattle off 5 things (or more) that we are frustrated with pretty much every day!

One of the BIG frustrations that many of our Kitchen Sink members have is WORDPRESS!!!

So, for our next Kitchen Sink Mastermind - I am going to do a complete WordPress setup, using CPanel and their amazing 'one button' installation system. I will start with a new domain, set up the DNS servers, show you exactly how to point your domain name to your new hosting account, install basic plugins everyone should have, and how to install a new premium theme. We will also walk you through setting up your basic email accounts and forwarders, too ;-)

Ruthie will also be on hand to show you the basics of working with Gutenberg blocks, since this is the path that WordPress parent company, Automattic, is taking.

You WILL need to register for this KS meeting - but the details are in your member dashboard :-)

And, no, there is no charge for the training.

And if you have any other ideas that you would like us to bring in speakers for - let me know!!


PLUS Membership Update!!

The price has been lowered on the PLUS membership to $27!! If you have not been billed yet for April - just cancel your membership in your PAYPAL account, and sign up her:

If you recently paid for the month of April, you can cancel now, and sign up again around the 15th of May at the new rate. I will also be refunding you the difference between the old rate and the new rate over the next few days ;-)

Sign up HERE for the NEW $27 price!!


Speaking of No charge - don't forget to check out the replays of the recent Vendor Showcase!! If you are already registered - you can access the presentations from your member dashboard at VirtualEventsUnlimited.com otherwise just click the link below to register - and it's all free!!

Click Here To Watch!

And don't forget to check out our Sponsors Directory!
Our sponsors have all kinds of free gifts and great deals for you - just register for what you want!!

Short-format or long-format?

Over the last few weeks, we have spent a lot of time discussing SEO - Search Engine Optimization - and how to optimize our blog content for the best results. We have even been optimizing blog articles using RankMath.

For several years now, the mantra has been 'pillar' posts - that is, long format posts of 7,500 to 10,000 words. You know the kind - all decked out with a Table Of Content and oodles of images. The kind of post you spend a month writing! For many years this was considered the guaranteed path to Google ranking success.

Well, looks like Google may be re-thinking the whole concept of the ideal 'reader experience' now based on the popularity of (super) short-format content such as TikTok.

Their acknowledgment of the audience's greatly reduced attention span (hello - talking GNATS here!!!) started with the Shorts format on YouTube, and now seems to be filtering down into their ranking algos, as recently shorter format content seems to be ranking easier even for high difficulty keywords, and in some cases outranking some serious long-format content.

The bottom line seems to be that the new optimal customer experience is shorter format, easier to consume 'info bites', so it would make sense that the Big G would be favoring shorter-but-still-informative content in the results.

Still not a final determination on this - but I have read multiple articles in the past two weeks that seem to be finding that articles of 1,000 to 3500 words are now ranking very well for highly competitive keywords!!

Yes, that is a collective sigh of relief you hear....

Kevin Fahey's
Free Affiliate Funnels

Outside of the PLR space, everyone uses funnels. Some are short with just a couple of upsells, while others go on for so long that you start to think about calling UberEats while you peruse the offers....but the bottom line is that top marketers use funnels because they work.


With Kevin Fahey's latest release, Free Affiliate Funnels, you get access to 10 complete funnels (every page, flow, and breakdown) which combined are responsible for $536,004.53 in revenue! Kevin's goal is to provide you with hyper-effective marketing funnels and give you literally everything you need to be able to convert your traffic, grow a massive email list, and generate commissions on demand - month after month.
These are literally the funnels Kevin has personally used to generate $563,004.53.
Each funnel will have a free offer on the front end and low ticket, mid ticket, and even recurring upsell as part of the funnel…
But the most important part is that this is a COMPLETE package, including follow-up emails, PLUS OVER 80 offers in the backend funnels which you’ll be cookied for!

And yes, I jumped on this one ;-) I won't be using every funnel - but at this price, it is a better learning experience than 99% of the marketing courses on the market....just a chance to see the follow-up sequence is worth the price of admission!

Free Affiliate Funnels

Screen Shot 2022-04-30 at 4.27.16 PM
Have you ever seen those web pages that greet you by name? Michal McDonald is back today with a WordPress plugin that lets you, welcome visitors from your newsletter to your webpage by name for the ridiculous price of just $10.99 with Miracle Links!

From Charles Harper:

Affiliate Marketing Masterclass Videos

Screen Shot 2022-04-30 at 4.05.08 PM

Learn and Teach the Exact Technical Process of Setting Up Affiliate Marketing Systems In Your Customers' Business

20 over the shoulder videos (44 minutes!) with slides and video transcripts at a price that anyone can afford! Whether you want to learn yourself or create a new course to sell or content for your blog - this is a SUPER HOT TOPIC!

Here's a sample of what is covered:
  • Your Autoresponder and Affiliate Marketing
  • Capturing E-Mails for The Bonus Delivery
  • Evergreen Affiliate Promotion and Link Cloaking
  • Creating a Video Promotion
  • Creating a Partner Bonus for Their Download Page - Part 1
  • Set Up Bonus Delivery and Thank You Page
  • Connecting Member Platforms to E-Mail Service Providers
  • Creating Images for Your Promotions
  • Creating a Password Protected Bonus Area - Course Platform
In other news - the April PLUS Lead magnet was uploaded Sunday night, and more stickers will be coming along soon. The additional design will be uploaded before the end of the week ;-)

AND last but not least - the 2023 Digital planner (Bonus for Ruthie's bundle) will be ready this week as well. Hyperlinking is done, just doing the design and new templates now but it is very very close to done!

Have a wonderful evening!
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