Hi, everyone!

Many of you have emailed asking about the big Christian Family Planner that was supposed to be available last week.....well, you know that old saying about making plans while the universe just laughs??......it's a long story but in a nutshell, an auto repair job that started as a simple dead battery, turned into a $6k engine replacement. And yes, the garage has admitted it's their fault but it's turned into a time-sucking, expensive mess. So, upshot is that the planner is done, just finishing up the sales page and getting it all set up to go live, but it's close and it's a good one.

In the meantime - I almost forgot about this one!!

April LeMarr's Content Creation Bundle

This is way more than just another bundle of PLR - there are 52 products included here, among the list are 15 PLR Products and 13 high value TRAINING PROGRAMS. These are all by names you already know and trust! There are also several different Planner and Journal bundles in here (including a big one from me!) so this is a great chance to increase your Zero Content Book Empire with one small purchase!

You get access to everything listed above for $27 - a one-time payment for more than $1700 worth of products (Don't you just feel like the kid in the proverbial candy store with these bundles??)

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Of course, we have to have a bonus right?? When you pick up the bundle just send me your receipt and we will send you a coupon for $25 for anything at PLRofTheMonth.Club - good for 90 days ;-)

====>>>>> Get The Content Creation Bundle

Have a great day!!


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