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And it's Tuesday already!!!

Not sure where the month is going but it seems to be flying by already!

Spring is not as close by as I had hoped but if you missed my spring-y little bundle of covers yesterday, you can still grab them for my fave price - free - here: 6 Covers
(no optin needed since you are already a subscriber!)

Did you miss the MONDAY WORKSHOP?

Then you missed the launch of the Zombies....
This was the Bonus Email Marketing Workshop Jim Daniels 2022 Affiliate Marketers Master Swipe! We had a great session taking a deep dive into the different types of emails that marketers send, what works when, finding your audience AND your own voice and oodles more.

One of the key topics was how to revive a dead/old/ignored list!! And I bet many of you know exactly what we mean - we all have lists from an event or giveaway that we never quite got around to adding to our autoresponder, and they have not heard from us since the original email sequence...if even then!

So, we walked through the process to RE-ANIMATE our 'DEAD' lists, and are going to turn this project into a CASE STUDY...yep, this is the "Zombie List Building Exercise" - as we attempt to bring our old lists back to life ;-)

If you missed the bonus Workshop, I will have the replay up tomorrow - you can find the access details in your W+ account - and I will post full details on how to participate on the group page as well.

If you did not purchase Jim's course the first time around, and want to join in - grab it here and join the fun!!

Today's Top Recommendation:
Amy Harrop's
Positivity Printables Made Easy

Yes, this is the big launch for the day and I am sure that you have been bombarded with emails for it but it's well worth the price! This is a great, in-depth course, and I love th efact that it combines both videos and PDFs!!

  • An in-depth 78-page guide that reveals all the secrets you need to know to cash in on the in-demand positivity printables market! ($109 VALUE)
  • Discover why printable and downloadable products are the BEST choice for you AND WHICH ones are selling the best right now!
  • Tons of best-selling products, shops and examples....revealed! See what's selling right now.
  • Discover the easy way to quickly publish the four best-selling positivity!
  • Reap the benefits of countless hours of research with tons of outside-the-box ideas to promote your products and make even more sales!
  • Master getting even more traffic to your printables and apply this knowledge to your own shop!
  • 12 done-for-you templates and 56 graphics in PPT and Canva format, with full commercial-use rights. Plus tutorial videos so you can easily customize them! ($199 VALUE)
  • BONUS: The KDP Print Publishing Guide ($37 VALUE)
  • BONUS: Journal Page Templates ($47 VALUE)

Positivity Printables Made Easy

My Bonus!
Purchase through my link and receive
20 all-new 8.5"X11"/300dpi designs -
use for covers, backgrounds, papers -
you can even use for POD products!
Full commercial use rights to use as you want!
These will be in your WarriorPlus account by Saturday
so no need to send your receipt!

PLR Video Releases

The Print On Demand Playbook WITH PLR!!
This latest release by Charles Harper goes beyond the usual POD and includes overviews on both the 'traditional' POD platforms as well as Digital products that can be printed 'on demand' at home AND you also get expert sessions from some peeps you all know and love: Amy Harrop, Rebecca Holman, Amber Jalink, Sue Fleckenstein, Di Heuser and Did I mention this is $7 right now??

The Print On Demand Playbook WITH PLR!!

Another Birthday!!
Susanne at Piggy Makes Bank is celebrating her birthday with 50% off everything here
Use code: SUSANNE at checkout! Sale ends Thursday, February 10 so hurry! This is a really good sale as their content bundles are huge!!

Simple Web Traffic - Newbie to Pro
Looking for new ideas for planners or workbooks? This is EXACTLY the kind of PLR I love to snap up for these kinds of projects! Yes, this DOES come with all the goodies to sell it as a product on it's own - but I use these types of products as SEED material to save me research time! Add some checklists, Q&A, tracking/planning templates - the list is almost endless! - to create an entirely new and unique product that you can sell!You could create an 'interactive' PDF, printable or digital planner in a couple of hours, and have a very high-value product unique to you! As of this newsletter - it was still under $9!! ;-)

Low Content Product Bootcamp
From Sharyn at ContentSparks - one of my fave course creators for SOLID content that can be utilized quickly and for multiple uses. With Low-Content Product Bootcamp, you’ll get everything you need to create your own webinar, workshop, lead magnet, or paid product that helps people create quick products for easy revenue.

That's it for today - hope you can join us with the Zombie Case Study!!
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