WordPress Plugins

WP Exit Traffic Pro
I use this on several of my niche sites, and it will be in use shortly on PLRoftheMonth.club as well. Lower your bounce rate and increase your revenue or list-building efforts by capturing a departing visitor’s attention with a full-screen ‘takeover’ ad as they start to move their cursor towards the browser bar. I also love that they are using this on the sales page – see a demo by heading for the top of the page 😉

Rank Math
This comes in both a free and paid version, and is hands down my fave for optimizing content! It makes optimizing your post, excerpt, and schema SO easy, and without creating content that sounds spammy. Highly recommended! (This is what we used to optimize the articles for the Kevin Fahey Traffic Shotgun Boot Camp!)

WP Traffic Guard:
There are so many reasons why a visitor might land on a 404 page on your website – from typos to pages that get moved or re-named. This lets you show those visitors whatever you want from and hopefully salvage some of that potentially lost traffic. It also shows you exactly why and how your 404 errors happen so you can plug any holes and optimize your revenue in real time!

Blog Niche Tools
Some women buy jewelry – I buy domains. This is one of the plugins I use to quickly build out simple niche websites, let them age and then monetize through a variety of methods. Great way to use all of that PLR you have, too 😉

  • Uncover hot, trending & profitable keywords from the top 6 search engines. Scour the top 6 search engines; Google, Bing, eBay, Yahoo, Amazon and YouTube. Drill down into each keyword with a single click and see all the search results for it.
  • Use your keywords to quickly grab stunning stock photos and images from the top 3 sites… 100% free!
  • BULK IMPORT ARTICLES: Automatically convert PLR articles to blog posts with 1-click bulk import and even drip feed posts over time!

Listify Pro WordPress List Building Platform
You really need to see the sales video for this one to truly understand the power of this plugin
– it lets you utilize the tens of thousands of plugins in the WordPress.org repository to build your list – creates the OPTIN pages for you AND integrates with pretty much any autoresponder. Seriously this is a beast at a ridiculous price!!

Free Plugins That I Love & Use!

(Some of these have paid options, but the free version is usually enough for most of us)

All in One WordPress Migration
Fabulous free way to back up your website, and even more everything to a new web host if you need to. Have been using this one for years.

Easy Table of Contents and Table of Content
Both of these are excellent for creating a TOC in your long-format “Pillar” posts. Both are very popular with millions of downloads, and TBH – I have been using Table of Content, however, when writing this piece, I.  discovered that it has not been updated in 9 months, while Easy Table of Contents was just updated 2 weeks ago.

Yoast SEO  and AIl In One SEO (AISEO)
Although I use RankMath, both of these are excellent as well, established, always updated and supported, and highly recommended. Both now have free and paid versions. Personally, I suggest you try them all out, including RankMath (above), and choose the one that you like the best because it really is something of a personal preference here.

Duplicate Page
LOVE THIS ONE!!! This has saved me so much time over the years! Create your landing or optin page, sales page or blog post template, then simply click, and BINGO!! Your page is cloned as a draft, and you are ready to go with just a few minor changes for the new product. It’s been a lifesaver time and again for me!

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