April 18, 2021 – Check Out These Bonuses & How You Can Get Them!

April 18, 2021 – Check Out These Bonuses & How You Can Get Them!

April 18, 2021 – Check Out These Bonuses & How You Can Get Them!

Hi, everyone!

We have beautiful blue skies today but it is nippy and there and the weather forecast for most of the week is looking at the possibility of SNOW FLURRIES, but that is a good thing since my week “off” is really to get caught up on work, and that would be tough to do with warm weather beckoning me to come and play outside!!

Those pretty papers above are part of the 20 new papers that are the bonus for Kristie and Becky’s Pinning Keywords Course. The papers are pretty well split between florals and more contemporary designs, so something for everyone!

If you purchased the course you will find them in your account at WarriorPlus, but you can also get them as a bonus for the other following products that I did NOT offer a bonus for originally:


From Coach Glue: Automation & Systems

• From Cindy Bidar: The Money Maker’s Bundle

• From Piggy Makes Bank: Is the Fear of Success Holding You Back?
• And ANY of the SEO courses from Debbie Gartner (see below!)


Or if you would rather have the recent Zodiac Bonus bundle – I am happy to substitute that one for you! Just let me know which one you want!


Want to learn SEO and Drive REAL traffic to your website?

If you have not picked up Debbie Gartner’s FREE Beginner’s Guide to SEO HERE yet, I strongly recommend it!! Debbie truly is a real success story! Over a period of 2 years, she built her blog up to $20k per month in affiliate revenue – all through SEO!! Yep she is my hero!!

Pick up any of her courses from the links below and send me your receipt to bonus@plrofthemonth.club to get your bonus:

Now About Backlinking…..

Getting legit backlinks can be a VERY powerful way to increase your visibility in the Search Engines – but ONLY if done correctly! A great example is the extra keywords that we are now ranking for in Google since getting on AppSumo! It’s amazing what one really powerful link can do for you – but the truth is, LOTS of links from other blogs that are not as strong can do just as much because it says to the Big G (or B or Y) that somebody likes you enough to point their readers in your direction 😉


This is a strong argument for posting your newsletter on your website every day, too, because Google ALSO likes to see OUTBOUND links from your site to related topic websites, as this indicates a positive user experience in most cases. (And yes, I need to get back to doing this, too!)


The one thing NOT to do? Do not comment on blog posts unless you are making a comment that is relevant, and real – anything else is seen as spam by Google, and not appreciated by any blog owner. I can pretty much promise you that if you hire someone on Fiverr to create backlinks for you – they will never get indexed by Google and will do you no good. In fact, Google judges you by the company you keep – so if your links are junk sites that are only used for spammy link posting – you are very likely to actually be penalized for your backlinking efforts.


And a word of warning: Every week lately, it seems that someone on WarriorPlus launches a new software to increase your traffic through backlinking or commenting ‘on autopilot’. You might see some initial burst of traffic but these things are pretty much always short-lived unless you want to get into very high-end and technical VPN set-ups etc. 


Yes, the search engines do change their algorithms from time to time, but good solid content rarely is affected for long, because Google wants their customers to have a good experience. As long as you remember that – you will be fine.


From Coach Glue:
Automation & Systems


Ever wonder how the dynamic ladies at Coach GLue accomplish so much? Melissa and Nicole share their secrets this weekend in their Automation & Systems training on sale for only $27 this weekend when you use promo code 27 through Sunday, April 18. This product includes:

  • Done-for-you 53-page workbook. 
  • Done-for-you Training Script – use it to record a video or do a livestream training!
  • Done-for-You Sales Page so you can get the product out there QUICK!!
  • 21 Facebook posts. 

Check it out here:
Automation & Systems


Change Your Mindset for

Greater Success Workbook

Lynette has carved out a very unique and successful niche for herself and she makes it easy for you to piggyback on her work! Her workbooks are uniquely designed to walk your clients through a series of questions and prompts that will gently guide them to the place they need to be or address the problem they are struggling with.

The Change Your Mindset for Greater Success workbook is designed to help people gain awareness of their negative self-talk, create a structure to build positive self-talk and generally stop sabotaging themselves. The package includes:

  • 1 x workbook
  • 5 x dividers
  • 3 x professionally edited mockups
  • 30 x social media blurbs
  • 10 x social media images

Use coupon code MINDSET to save 50% through Tuesday, April 20


BONUS: 5 additional covers and matching divider/interior background pages. These will be in your account at ThriveAnywhere late today!


Get the details here:
Change Your Mindset for

Greater Success Workbook


From Piggy Makes Bank

Is the Fear of Success Holding You Back?


This content bundle is the perfect companion to the Change Your Mindset Workbook from Lynette! This is the perfect type of written content to add to Lynette’s Workbook to add a tremendous amount of value to the end product that you create!

This bundle includes Includes:
• 5 Articles

• 5 Emails

• eBook Compilation

• 5 Social Media Posts

• 5 social media images


Get it here:

Is the Fear of Success Holding You Back?


New! Spring Cleaning Checklists from Jan

These are SO gorgeous!! It almost makes me WANT to start that whole darned cleaning thang…almost…but seriously – did you know that cleaning checklists like this are among the TOP best-selling printables – YEAR ROUND??? Jan has just released a set of Spring Cleaning Checklists that you can pick up for only $7 when you use coupon code SPRING20 through Wednesday, April 21.


The pack is huge and can EASILY be tweaked to be for any season not just Spring: 

  • a beautiful spring-fresh cover
  • belongs to page
  • 11 fully itemized checklists (with editable text) for every room in the house
  • a decorated blank room template so you can add pages
  • a monthly undated cleaning schedule to make a plan
  • every layout you need for a deep spring clean!
  • in US Letter and A4 to cover international home printing requirements
  • Powerpoint (.pptx) source files


Spring Cleaning Checklists from Jan


The Money Maker’s Bundle
from Cindy Bidar


I have learned so much from Cindy’s courses over the past year and these are really among her best – because they work so well together!! I have spent a lot of money on courses over the past year, and the one thing I hate are courses that leave out a major piece of the puzzle…this bundle really does do an excellent job of putting it all together for you – and if you are going to be building a list this year – this is an excellent resource to have!

Now, Cindy has put together a bundle of what I think are 4 of her best courses for 75% off!

  • Uncovering Hidden Cash – Simple Strategies to Boost Your Cash Flow and Improve Your Bottom Line
  • The Tripwire Toolkit – How To Fill Your List With Buyers, One Tiny Sale at a Time
  • A License to Print Money – How to Maximize Your Profits and Give Yourself a Fat Pay Raise
  • Daily Money Makers Toolkit – Easy to Follow, Everyday Tactics that Will Keep the Cash Flowing In On A DAILY Basis

Whether you are a newbie or you’ve been at this for a while, I promise that you will benefit from this bundle – I can honestly say that they have had an impact on my own business over the past year!

The Money Maker’s Bundle



And now off to finish bonuses and polish up the registration forms for Speakers and Contributors for the next Homepreneur’s Adventure Event!!

D’vorah’s Sale Ends In Just A Few Hours!!

D’vorah’s Sale Ends In Just A Few Hours!!

Hi, everyone!

Another very brief newsletter – today was packed from beginning to end, and gotta call Mom in Florida yet tonight so I can get her grocery order! LOL She is 87, lives on her own, and is caring for her little furry companion, a rescue Yorkie mix named Murray, who just had surgery, so it’s back to grocery delivery for the next couple of weeks! And of course, she hates computers so guess who has to take of the order from Cincinnati for her? arrgghhh…..

Today was our first session of the Digital Planner Workshop for the folks that purchased the Homepreneur’s Adventure Premium Bundle. We had a great turnout, and a LOT of great questions – and my little orange kittie thought she should be front and center during the Zoom…sigh…the joys of being a Homepreneur!

And…the promised templates are uploaded, with more to come before the next session, April 30th! DO play with them between now and then, and come ready with more questions. You can access them via the same link for the Planner templates.

And the next session we will get to dig into some of the FUN stuff 😉

And I promise a good beefy newsletter tomorrow as I get back to some traffic stuff – we will look at how to do a bit of basic SEO planning for your blog that will increase your organic traffic, which is ALWAYS a good thing because it is truly TARGETED visitors 😉  


D’vorah’s 25% Off Sale Ends Tonight!!

We have done several group sessions based on D’vorah’s courses, and we have learned SO much from them! I have most of them now, and still find myself going back time and again to review and refresh. But D’vorah does more than just teach the basics – she has a way of looking at things with a fresh new eye that gets your brain cells jumping with new ideas and enthusiasm. A BIG recommendation for any course that fits your future path forward!

Here’s just a quick list of her courses – you will find lots more on her website:

  • Create Content in Canva
  • Discover Digital Planners Workshop
  • Creative Ways to Create Calendars
  • Become a Digital Shop Owner 2.0
  • Pinterest Course
  • Create Printable Products Course
  • Kindle Creation Challenge
  • Digital Workbooks Workshop

  • Content Creation Challenge

  • Bullet Journal Basics

Use CELEBRATE25 at checkout to get
25% off anything on her site!!

====>>> ShareYourBrilliance.com


Change Your Mindset for
Greater Success Workbook

Lynette has carved out a very unique and successful niche for herself and she makes it easy for you to piggyback on her work! Her workbooks are uniquely designed to walk your clients through a series of questions and prompts that will gently guide them to the place they need to be or address the problem they are struggling with.

The Change Your Mindset for Greater Success workbook is designed to help people gain awareness of their negative self-talk, create a structure to build positive self-talk and generally stop sabotaging themselves. The package includes:

  • 1 x workbook
  • 5 x dividers
  • 3 x professionally edited mockups
  • 30 x social media blurbs
  • 10 x social media images

Use coupon code MINDSET to save 50% through Tuesday, April 20

BONUS: 5 additional covers and matching divider/interior background pages. These will be in your account at ThriveAnywhere Sunday


Bonus Is Ready!!!
Jay’s Zodiac Tome Bundle!!

This is a huge bundle, which is not readily apparent when you first visit the sales page – so be sure to scroll down and see all that is included! I LOVE designing for anything in the zodiac, universe, crystals and metaphysical niches, and I have a HUGE bundle of goodies that I am putting together as a bonus for this one! 

BONUS: These have all been used as bonuses for other products over the past 18 months – You can see them all HERE!!

Buy either one of the front end offers and you will receive:
• 5 Astrology Cover Designs

• 3 Crystal Cover Sets (Each set inc. Cover, Title Banner & Interior Background page)

• 3 Tarot Cover Sets (Each set inc. Cover, Title Banner & Interior Background page)

Buy the Bundle and get all of the above PLUS:

• 12 Zodiac Coloring Pages

• 15 Universe Covers

• 10 Matching Title Banners

• 5 Tarot Covers

These are completed and ready for delivery! Unfortunately, there is no way to upload the bonuses for the different options in WarriorPlus, so please send your receipt to Bonus@plrofthemonth.club

Jay’s Zodiac Tome Bundle!!


Have a wonderful evening!

Design and Create Compelling Lead Magnets

Design and Create Compelling Lead Magnets

Now that you have chosen your technology and you have all the things in place you need to get started building your email list, it’s time to design and create a compelling lead magnet that will attract subscribers.

Choose the Buyer’s Persona or Avatar You Want to Attract

Understanding your audience’s buying journey is imperative. You need to choose whether you want to attract people at the top of your funnel, middle of your funnel, or the bottom of your funnel. Maybe you want to teach people who have already bought from you something new and start marketing different things to them on a whole new level. It just depends on the goal you set for this lead magnet and who it’s meant for.

Know the Problem You Want to Solve for Them

Your lead magnet must solve a pressing problem for the customer that you’re trying to touch. The lead magnet should provide immediate value but can also provide long term value depending on the audience and the issue. The main thing is that you want to get them on your list, and you want them to be happy about it.

Name Your Freebie Using a Compelling Title

When you name your freebie, choose a name that is straightforward and tells the customer exactly what will be accomplished. This is not the time to try to be clever with words. Name the freebie based on what it does for your customers using action verbs and terms they understand and interests them.

Choose the Form the Lead Magnet Will Appear

Once you know what problem you plan to solve, it will inform the format the lead magnet should take. You can choose to use video, webinars, podcasts, PDFs, and more. The important part is to choose the form that your audience will most enjoy and use.

Create a Landing Page for Your Freebie

Once you know what you’re going to create, now you need to make a landing page. Use software like Leadpages.net to help you create a landing page, or you can simply make a new page on your site. A landing page is just a page devoted only to the thing you’re trying to promote. Some people love creating the landing page first, then create the freebie based on their promises.

Develop a Download Page for Your Lead Magnet

In addition to a landing page, you need to set up a download page so that your subscribers can access the freebie after they’ve double opted into your email list. A landing page is best because it brings people back to your site where you can attract them to more of your information.

Create the Lead Magnet or Hire Someone to Create It

When you create the lead magnet, realize that you can hire someone to make it too. You can also buy PLR or private label rights content to assist you in creating freebies, depending on the terms of service of the PLR you use.

Once you have finished creating it, get it on the download page and start marketing the freebie to your audience on social media, through paid ads, and even by sending it to your own email list that you have already. Write a blog post about it and share it with everyone so that you’ll get more people on your list. Whatever you do, don’t keep it a secret.

Lead Magnet Ideas You Can Use

Lead Magnet Ideas You Can Use

An effective lead magnet must solve a real problem quickly for your ideal customer. They are usually very specific, easy to digest, and are considered to be high value. Plus, they demonstrate your expertise exceptionally well without risk to your ideal customer. The following lead magnet ideas can work for almost any niche.

Teach Your Audience Something

This is likely the simplest way to come up with a lead magnet if you don’t sell a product or software but works with those niches too. Set up a course in email that runs your ideal customer through education about their problem and the solutions that exist. A course can be in many formats. You can deliver it by email, put it on a platform like Teachable.com, or turn it into a PDF download.

Provide Your Audience a Useful Tool

A really fun freebie to offer your audience are tools that help them. For example, if you have a food-related website, you can create and offer a recipe app. If you help people lose weight and get healthy, you can create and offer an app that tracks food intake and exercise.

Build Your Community

This freebie idea is a big winner with socially based businesses. Set up a free group on a platform like Facebook Groups or DelphiForums.com and then only invite people to the group who ask after downloading the freebie or via automation due to them downloading the freebie.

Inspire and Entertain Your Audience

A perfect freebie excites your audience and makes them want to take the next step. It can be entertaining. For example, why not use an old talk you gave to a group or workshop as your freebie? Or give priority access to some users to private information that only they get to see?

Re-segment Your Current List Members

If you already have a dead list or a list that you don’t use much, sending them a freebie offer via email is a great way to segment your list further and reactivate the list members. For example, if someone joined your list due to a freebie you made, but they’ve not moved to customer, try sending them a new one that is more targeted.

Cause Prospects to Become Customers

To move your audience from leads to prospects to customers, you need to provide the right content that captures their attention continually. Knowing where they are in their buying journey can inform the type of freebie you make for them. You should definitely consider making more than one freebie so that you can offer one to people at every stage of their buying journey.

Lead magnets can be PDFs, videos, webinars, reports, software, apps, transcripts, and more. You can use any of the content that you’ve already created to develop a lead magnet, or you can buy new content in PLR form to use. As long as the freebie addresses the targeted person and solves a problem for them quickly and efficiently, you will build your list better.

Lead Magnet Mistakes to Avoid

Lead Magnet Mistakes to Avoid

The entire point of creating lead magnets as list builders are to build your list with targeted customers who want and need the products and services that you offer. The people who think marketing with freebies doesn’t work usually are doing it wrong. You can avoid mistakes by learning the most common ones and not doing them.

* Your Lead Magnet is Too Expansive – A really good freebie is going to be ultra-focused on solving one small problem and even poke the bear a bit in order to soften them up to buy the big product you’re selling. Keep it narrowly focused to increase success. For example, if you are a weight loss coach, don’t give away the entire program in your freebie. Instead, focus on one thing, such as providing a checklist or app to help them.

* Your Lead Magnet Has No Reason for Existing – You need to know why you want the person who needs that information in the lead magnet or the app you’re giving away. Why does this lead magnet exist, and what does it do for the person who needs it? If you have no goal for it, it’s not going to work.

* Your Lead Magnet Isn’t Targeted to The Right Audience – Your lead magnet cannot be targeted to your entire audience. It really needs to be narrowed down to specific people based on where they are in their buying journey. Try mapping your buyers’ journey to help identify points at which they need a little something extra to push or pull them to the next stage.

* You Didn’t Create an Autoresponder Series Based on The Lead Magnet – When your customer downloads the lead magnet, it’s imperative that they receive targeted messages based on their choice in the autoresponder. A welcome message, a confirmation message, a more personal email to check on them, and so forth, including asking for the sale if that’s what’s next.

* You Didn’t Cross-Promote Yourself Within Your Lead Magnet – People are downloading the lead magnet. You may as well take advantage of that fact. At the end or the beginning, tell the people about you and invite them to your social media platforms, events, and tell them about the other things you do.

* You’re Not Following the Laws for Your Country – Every country has SPAM laws. In general, most want you to get a double opt-in to avoid spam complaints. Plus, of course, what you say must be the truth. You can’t make promises that aren’t true.

* Your Lead Magnet Title is Boring and Not Targeted – When you title the freebie, you’ll want to make sure you use straightforward words that your target audience understands. However, you don’t want to be boring about it. Use action words and tug at their emotions in the title.

* You Don’t Market and Advertise Your Lead Magnet – The idea that building a lead magnet will attract your ideal audience without marketing and advertising is just not accurate. You do have to tell everyone about it just like you would your most expensive and compelling paid product to get people to sign up.

* You Don’t Create Lead Magnets for All Stages of The Buying Journey – Don’t just create one freebie based on awareness. Instead, map your ideal buyer’s journey so that you can identify areas when a freebie might push them to the next stage in their buying journey.

* You Neglected to Create a Landing Page for Your Lead Magnet – To get the most interest in your freebies, make a landing page for each. After that, write a blog post too. Then use that to market and advertise the freebie to your audience.

* You Ask for Too Much or Not Enough Information in Exchange for The Freebie – It really depends on your audience and the goals you have for them. But, at the very least, you need to ask for a first name and email address. But if it’s relevant to your audience, you may want to ask for other information to qualify for the freebie, such as business size or something else that is relevant to determining if someone is serious or not.

* You Failed to Welcome New Subscribers – When someone signs up for your freebie, whether they were already on your list or not, they should receive a welcome message or thank you message regarding their choice.

* You Never Ask for the Sale in Your Email Messages – When you create the autoresponder messages based on the behavior of your list members, don’t fail to ask for the sale or the conversion using a well-formed and targeted call to action.

Avoiding these lead magnet mistakes means that when you create a lead magnet or freebie, it will help you build your list with targeted audience members who really want and need your offers. You can only do this right if you take the time to get to know your audience as well as your offers so you can easily explain to the audience what you do, who you do it for, why you do it, and then demonstrate why you’re the best through your freebie.

Journal Before Bed for Improved Sleep Quality

Journal Before Bed for Improved Sleep Quality

If you’ve ever found yourself lying awake at night worrying about tomorrow’s to-do list, you’re not alone. Trouble sleeping is a common problem. While there could be many factors that contribute to restlessness or insomnia, one of the most common is focusing on the thoughts that are swirling around in your head. Whether it’s tomorrow’s important meeting or that argument you had today with your spouse, thoughts that are spiraling out of control can keep you from getting a restful night of sleep. One way to manage all the worries is to write them down.

There are a number of ways you can journal as a way to manage your racing thoughts and get a better night’s rest. Let’s explore some of those, why journaling helps you to get to sleep faster, along with some tips on how to keep a journal before bed to achieve improved sleep quality.

Reasons to Keep a Journal at Night
There are a few reasons why you may find your thoughts racing at night when you’re ready for sleep. When we’re busy during the day, our brains are focused on the tasks at hand. It’s more difficult for other thoughts to creep in. Before bed, however, things tend to be more quiet and still. Your brain starts working in overdrive, allowing thoughts and worries to race in your mind. A journal can give you a place to put all those things that are taking up space in your head. It gives some sort of closure to your day and a feeling of resolution, allowing you to unwind and prepare for rest.

Tips for Keeping a Nighttime Journal
There are a number of ways you can use a journal to clear your mind and get a better night’s sleep. Creating a journaling ritual before sleep can be a self-care practice, as well. Light some candles, play soft music, and drink a soothing non-caffeinated beverage. Create a relaxing atmosphere to go with your writing ritual. Writing about any fears or worries can be a good way to gain perspective and get them out of your head. It’s also been shown that writing tomorrow’s to-do list can lead to improved sleep because it allows you to feel less-stressed and more prepared for the next day. Free writing whatever’s on your mind or doing a mind dump to get everything out can also prove to be beneficial.

No matter how you use your journal, writing in the evening before bed comes with numerous benefits, including better sleep quality. Keeping a journal near your bed is also helpful for those times when you wake up overwhelmed with anxious thoughts. Take time to cultivate a routine that works for you and see if your sleep doesn’t improve.